Administrative Divisions

Office of the President

Terri L. Winfree, Ph.D., President

Public Relations and Marketing

Jennifer E. Stoner, Executive Director, Public Relations and Marketing

Institutional Support Services

Paulette Maurer, Director

Development and Special Projects

Cathy Kloss, Director


Deborah Smith Havighorst, Executive Director

Human Resources

David Cronan, Executive Director
Leo Alexander, Assistant Director

Police and Campus Safety

John Murphy, Director, Police and Campus Safety/Chief of Police

Academic Affairs

Office of the Vice President

Marie Hansel, DNP RN, Vice President, Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty

Business, Mathematics, and Science

Debra Prendergast, Ph.D., Dean

Health and Industrial Technology

Patricia Zuccarello, Dean, Health and Industrial Technology

Liberal Arts

Elighie Wilson, Interim Dean

Library and Instructional Services

Kristina Howard, Associate Dean

Community and Economic Development

Office of the Vice President

Craig Schmidt, Vice President

Adult Education

Kim Marisa Kunce, Dean

Corporate Education and Training

Kelly Lapetino, Dean

Finance and Administration

Office the Vice President

Thomas D. Saban, Ph.D., Vice President, Finance and Administration

Business Services

Marina Kibardina, Controller/Director

Information Technology Resources

Vacant, Executive Director

Facilities and Operations

Timothy Kosiek, Executive Director

College Bookstore

Manager (Contractual)

Food Services

Manager (Contractual)

College Custodial Services


Student Affairs

Office of the Vice President

Gregory Thomas, Ph.D. Vice President

Children’s Learning Center

Alison Drake, Director

Enrollment and Financial Aid Services

Jaime M. Miller, Executive Director

Financial Aid

Grace McGinnis, Director

Institutional Research and Planning

Adane Gebeyaw Kassa, Ed.D., Director, Institutional Research and Planning

Physical Education and Athletics

Jacqueline Hoak, Director

Student Development and Campus Life

Felix Simpkins, Dean

Disability and Advising Services

Diane Janowiak, Director


Prairie State College Organizational Chart