Board of Trustees Meetings Archive


The Board of Trustees meetings are usu ally held on the last Tuesday of each month at 5 p.m. in the Board Room. All meetings, other than executive sessions, are open to the public.

January 25, 2006Special MeetingMinutes
January 31, 2006Regular MeetingMinutes
February 28, 2006Regular MeetingMinutes
March 28, 2006Regular MeetingMinutes
April 6, 2006Organizational MeetingMinutes
April 25, 2006Regular MeetingMinutes
May 30, 2006Regular MeetingMinutes
June 27, 2006Regular MeetingMinutes
July, 2006(no meeting) 
August 29, 2006Regular MeetingMinutes
September 26, 2006Regular MeetingMinutes
September 26, 2006Budget HearingMinutes
October 24, 2006Special MeetingMinutes
October 26, 2006Special MeetingMinutes
October 30, 2006Regular MeetingMinutes
November 28, 2006Regular MeetingMinutes
December 19, 2006Regular MeetingMinutes
January 30, 2007Regular MeetingMinutes
February 27, 2007Regular MeetingMinutes
March 27, 2007Regular MeetingMinutes
April 23, 2007Regular MeetingMinutes
May 15, 2007Organizational MeetingMinutes
May 29, 2007Regular MeetingMinutes
June 19, 2007Regular MeetingMinutes
August 2, 2007Special Meeting
Revised Special Meeting
August 28, 2007Special Meeting
Regular Meeting
Minutes (Special)
Minutes (Regular)
September 12, 2007Special MeetingMinutes
September 18, 2007Budget HearingMinutes
September 18, 2007Regular MeetingMinutes
October 30, 2007Regular MeetingMinutes
November 27, 2007Regular MeetingMinutes
December 18, 2007Regular MeetingMinutes
January 3, 2008Board WorkshopMinutes
January 4, 2008Board Workshop and
Special Meeting
January 29, 2008Regular MeetingMinutes
February 26, 2008Regular MeetingMinutes
March 13, 2008Board WorkshopMinutes
March 25, 2008Regular MeetingMinutes
April 10, 2008Special MeetingMinutes
April 28, 2008Regular MeetingMinutes
April 28, 2008Organizational MeetingMinutes
May 27, 2008Regular MeetingMinutes
June 24, 2008Regular MeetingMinutes
No July meeting  
August 26, 2008Regular MeetingMinutes
August 26, 2008Budget HearingMinutes
September 23, 2008Regular MeetingMinutes
October 21, 2008Regular MeetingMinutes
November 25, 2008Regular MeetingMinutes
December 15, 2008Truth in Taxation AgendaMinutes
December 15, 2008Regular MeetingMinutes
December 15Regular MeetingMinutes
November 24Regular MeetingMinutes
November 10Special Meeting AgendaMinutes
October 27Revised AgendaMinutes
September 29Regular MeetingMinutes
August 25Budget HearingMinutes
August 25Regular MeetingMinutes
June 30Regular MeetingMinutes
May 26Regular MeetingMinutes
May 4Organizational MeetingMinutes
April 28Regular MeetingMinutes
March 31Regular MeetingMinutes
February 24Regular MeetingMinutes
January 27Regular MeetingMinutes
January 13Board RetreatMinutes
December 21AgendaMinutes
November 30AgendaMinutes
October 26AgendaMinutes
September 28AgendaMinutes
August 31Regular MeetingMinutes
August 31FY2011 Budget HearingMinutes
July 26Special MeetingMinutes
June 29Agenda (Revised)Minutes
June 15Workshop AgendaMinutes
May 25AgendaMinutes
April 27Organizational Meeting AgendaMinutes
April 27AgendaMinutes
March 30Revised AgendaMinutes
February 23Bond Issue Notification Act MeetingMinutes
February 23AgendaMinutes
January 26Regular MeetingMinutes
December 20AgendaMinutes
November 29AgendaMinutes
November 21Agenda - Board WorkshopMinutes
November 9Retreat AgendaMinutes
October 25Agenda - RevisedMinutes
September 27AgendaMinutes
August 30Agenda | FY2012 Budget Hearing AgendaMinutes
July 26Special Meeting Agenda (Minutes) | Emergency Meeting Agenda (Minutes) 
June 28AgendaMinutes
May 31AgendaMinutes
April 30 - 10:30 a.m.Agenda - Organizational MeetingMinutes
April 26AgendaMinutes
March 29AgendaMinutes
February 22AgendaMinutes
January 25AgendaMinutes
January 20 - 3 p.m.Meeting and Hearing Agenda on Objections / Legal NoticeMinutes
January 6 - 8 p.m.Meeting and Hearing Agenda on Objections / Legal NoticeMinutes
December 4AgendaMinutes
October 30AgendaMinutes
September 25AgendaMinutes

August 28
Agenda - Special Meeting

Minutes (Special)
Minutes (Budget)

July 31Agenda - Special Meeting 
June 26AgendaMinutes
May 29AgendaMinutes
April 24Agenda
Agenda-Organizational Meeting
Minutes -Organizational
March 27AgendaMinutes
February 28AgendaMinutes
January 31AgendaMinutes - Amended
December 17AgendaMinutes
November 26AgendaMinutes
October 29AgendaMinutes 
September 24AgendaMinutes 
August 27AgendaMinutes / Budget Minutes 
June 25AgendaMinutes 
May 28AgendaMinutes
April 30Organizational MeetingMinutes
April 30AgendaMinutes
April 4Workshop AgendaWorkshop Minutes
April 3Workshop AgendaWorkshop Minutes
April 2Workshop AgendaWorkshop Minutes
March 26AgendaMinutes
March 14Special MeetingMinutes
February 26Agenda 
February 6Public Notice and Agenda 
January 29Agenda