Instructional Design

The instructional design resources below can assist you in planning your online and face-to-face courses. Using instructional design principles helps to increase the usability of your online materials so that students have a better chance of successfully learning the material.

Instructional Design Resources

TopicDocumentation Type
A.D.D.I.E. Model - Learning Theories.comWebsite
A.D.D.I.E. Model - Instructional Design Expert.comWebsite
Developing Online Courses from BCITWebsite
Illinois Online NetworkWebsite
Instructional Design CentralWebsite
The eLearning CoachWebsite
PowerPoint Presentation AlternativesPDF

Instructional Design Assistance

For Faculty assistance or questions related to Instructional Design, contact:

Bonnie Rajchel, IT Training and Technical Support Specialist, (708) 709-7929 or