Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee is an elected group of full-time faculty members representing all of the academic divisions of the College: liberal arts; business, mathematics and science; health and industrial technology; library; counseling; and adult education.  It is a subcommittee of the Faculty Senate, which is the academic committee of our full-time faculty union (Prairie State College Federation of Teachers, Local 3816, AFT, AFL-CIO).  This committee meets twice monthly during the academic year, and all curriculum must be approved by this committee.

Committee members are elected each Fall, and serve until a new committee is elected the following fall.  Curriculum Committee members for 2013-2014 include:

  • Dale Ballard, Industrial Technology
  • Carolyn Ciesla, Library
  • Dianne DeSousa, Psychology
  • Jennifer Eick-Magan, English-as-a-Second Language, Vice Chair
  • Sarah Hein, Transfer Coordinator
  • Hyrum LaTurner, Humanities
  • Mohammad Salami, Physics
  • Kate Sims-Drew, Mathematics, Chair
  • Justin Vidovic, English
  • Linda Zroskie, Nursing

PSC Curriculum Approval Process

Faculty Initiate Curriculum ActionCoordinator and Chair ApprovalDean ApprovalCurriculum Committee Review / ApprovalVice President ApprovalBoard of Trustees Approval
(if needed)
ICCB approval
(if needed)

Programs and courses are subject to peer review as they develop, change, and are discontinued.