Frequently Asked Questions

After taking the placement test, I believe that I was incorrectly placed in a mathematics class. What can I do?
You have two options. The recommended option is for you to retake the computerized math placement test for a fee of $25. If you cannot afford this option, bring transcripts, placement test scores, and other documentation as evidence of incorrect placement to the math department chairperson. A written placement test may be scheduled. View more details about your options.
The class I need to take is closed. What can I do?
You need instructor consent to enroll in a closed course. The classroom instructor is the ONLY person who can give you consent. You will need to find a section that is not closed or consider registering for a late-start class.
Why must I take so many math classes that don't count toward my degree?
The Illinois Articulation Initiative requires geometry and intermediate algebra as prerequisites for any transferable, college-level math course. If your transcripts or placement scores indicate deficiencies in these areas, you will be required to take developmental math courses until the prerequisites are met.
I would like to take Math 200 and Math 206 during the same semester. Is this possible?
Absolutely not. You must successfully complete Math 200 with at least a C before being allowed to enroll in Math 206. There are no exceptions to this rule.
I missed my departmental final exam. Can I make it up?
You must discuss this problem with your individual instructor. All of your instructor's classroom policies remain in effect through the final exam. Whether or not a make-up is allowed depends on your instructor's individual policies. No one can allow or administer a make-up exam without instructor consent.
Are there any math courses that I can test out of, yet still receive credit for?
Prairie State College offers proficiency tests for Math 171-Calculus I and Math 172-Calculus II. See the Counseling and Academic Advising Center for more information.
How are my COMPASS placement test scores used to place me into a math class?
Your COMPASS test scores may include subscores from the following areas: prealgebra, algebra, geometry, college algebra, trigonometry. Based on your scores, you will be placed into the appropriate math course. This table shows the cut-off scores for placement into PSC's math courses. COMPASS Prep Workshops are available.
I need to take Tech 110, but it is rarely offered. What should I do?
In most cases, Math 151 is an acceptable alternate for Tech 110. Nonetheless, you should discuss your particular situation with an instructor in your program area.