The math department at Prairie State College offers a variety of math courses ranging from basic mathematics to differential equations and linear algebra. With 8 full-time faculty and nearly 30 part-time faculty, the math department staffs more than 60 classes each semester. For more information about the Department of Mathematics, contact the department chairperson or the coordinator.

Degrees and Certificates

View the curriculum for these programs in the current Academic Catalog. You can also access the entire PDF of the catalog (1.63 MB). Since the printing of this catalog, there have been some additions and deletions. View the addendum for more information.

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A listing of course descriptions is available in the current Academic Catalog. For a listing of when courses are offered, consult the current course schedule or WebAdvisor.

Class information will vary from section to section. For information regarding a specific section, see the individual classroom instructor. Some general information pertaining to certain sections is posted below:

  • Math 085 - Computational Skills II - 4 Credit Hours
  • Math 090 - Elementary Algebra - 4 Credit Hours, 5 Lecture Hours
  • Math 095 - Intermediate Algebra - 4 Credit Hours
  • Math 151 - College Algebra - 4 Credit Hours



Department Chair

Kate Sims-Drew
(708) 709-3765
Room 2106

Mathematics Coordinator

Susan Ecsi
(708) 709-3786
Room 2306

Math Department Photo Prof. Sue EcsiProf. Kate Sims-DrewProf. Steve KifowitProf. Brian GarantProf. Terra StampsProf. Melanie Eddins-SpencerProf. Kevin Marks

Back row, left to right: Professors Sue Ecsi,
Kate Sims-Drew, Steve Kifowit, Brian Garant
Front row, left to right:Professors James Beard,
Terra Stamps, Melanie Eddins-Spencer,
Kevin Marks