Advising Guides

The Advising Guides accessed through this webpage are straight out of the PSC catalog that describe the requirements needed to complete a degree or certificate. You can print these guides for your own records or as information to work with your PSC Advisor.

Transfer Degrees

The following degree programs are recommended for students who intend to complete their first two years of a B.A/B.S. degree and transfer to a four year institution.


General Studies
(not intended for transfer)

Career Degrees and Certificates


Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Computer Electronics

Criminal Justice

Dental Hygiene

  • (see Health Services)

Early Childhood

Education - Paraprofessional

Fire Science

Fitness and Exercise

Graphic Communication

Health Services

Industrial Technology/Apprentice

Information Technology



  • (see Health Services)


*Note, Certificates with an asterisk (*) may not be eligible for financial aid.