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Faculty Resources for Themed Learning Communities (Northern Illinois University):
First-Year Resources (National Resource Center):
Learning Communities at SVC (Skagit Valley College):
LC Resource Center (Kingsborough Community College):


"Underprepared, Ethnically Diverse Community College Students: Factors Contributing to Persistence," Peter Barbatis:
"Learning Better Together: The Impact of Learning Communities on the Persistence of Low-Income Students," Carol Hough Engstrom and Vincent Tinto:
"Juggling and the Art of the Integrative Assignment," Lynn Dunlap and Larry Sult (Skagit Valley College):
"The Impact of Learning Communities and Freshman Seminar on Retention Rate and and Academic Performance of First-Time Freshman," Office of Institutional Research at California State University, Sacramento:
"When the Students We Have Are Not the Students We Want: The Transformative Power of Learning Communities," Nancy Shapiro (University System of Maryland):
Learning Community Research and Assessment: What We Know, Kathy Taylor, William S. Moore, Jean MacGregor, and Jerri Lindblad (with Preface by Vincent Tinto):
Daniel B. Friedman and Julie S. Alexander (Appalachian State University)
"Investigating a First-Year Seminar as an Anchor Course in Learning Communities,"
Anne Goodsell Love.
"The Growth and Current State of Learning Communities in Higher Education,"
National Learning Communities Project
Consortium for Illinois Learning Communities

Learning Community Programs