SouthWorks MakerLab at Prairie State College Safety Rules

Follow these guidelines for your safety as well as general lab safety:

  1. Your safety and that of other participants is our primary concern. If you cannot abide by these safety rules, you will be asked to leave and have your Lab privileges revoked.

  2. We reserve the right to amend the safety rules as any time.

  3. If at any time you are not completely sure how to operate any machine or tool in the lab, ask a lab technician to assist, demonstrate, and observe to help you become familiar and comfortable with the tool.

  4. Always wear appropriate safety gear and protective clothing, including closed toes shoes. No flip-flops will be allowed at any time.

  5. Eye Protection is required while operating any machine in the Lab. Ear protection is required when appropriate.

  6. Each user will be required to pass a safety module, which will be required before the use of each piece of equipment.

  7. Never work impaired.  This means impaired by drugs or alcohol, and from sleep deprivation.

  8. Know the hazards associated with your work.  Be sure you are fully educated on the proper use and operation of any tool before beginning a job. If you cannot do a job safely in the SouthWorks MakerLab at Prairie State College, don’t do it.  Think through the entire job before starting.

  9. If you have not worked with a specific material before, consult with the lab technicians for precautions, methods, and instructions prior to beginning work.

  10. Do not work in the lab if you are in a hurry, this may ruin the work and often results in injury.

  11. Leave tool and equipment guards in place.  This is especially true with the CNC Mills, and Lathes.

  12. Before starting any machine, be sure it is set up correctly and have it fully operational.

  13. Check power cords and plugs on portable tools before using them.

  14. Use a brush or special tool for removing chips, shavings, and debris.  Do not use your hands to clean shavings or cuttings they may be sharp.

  15. Keep your fingers clear from the point of operation of machines by using special tools and devices such as push sticks and paddles.  Never use a rag near a moving machine.

  16. Keep the work area free of debris, clean spills immediately, and remove all waste.  Do not bring food or drink into the work areas.

  17. Clean up after yourself. Before you leave the lab, be sure all tools are returned, all the machines are clean, and the floor is swept.  Always allow enough time for your cleanup procedure.