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PSC Alert Sign Up Instructions

Note: You can sign up for PSC alerts that can be delivered by e-mail, text, and/or voicemail. If you wish to sign up for e-mail alerts only, click on the link "Click here to sign up using e-mail only," and proceed to step 4. To sign up for text messages with the option of adding e-mail and voice alerts, use following the instructions.

  1. Registration.
    Choose a user name, enter your first and last name, create a password, select your group, and enter your cell phone number and carrier. Click "Create Account."
  2. Validation.
    A validation code is required to complete your registration. This code is texted to your cell phone. It could take several minutes for the message to come through. Once you validate your cell phone number by entering it in the box, you have the option of adding additional cell numbers. Refresh the page to see the validation.
  3. Other options.
    In addition to text messages, you can also be alerted by e-mail and/or voice. Proceed to the next step to add e-mail; proceed to step 5 to add voice.
  4. E-mail notification
    Enter the e-mail where you wish you to receive alerts. In order to receive messages, you will need to validate your e-mail address by replying to the e-mail sent to the account. If you want alerts to go to additional e-mail addresses, repeat this step. To add voice, proceed to the next step. Note: If you are signing up for e-mail alerts only, you will need to choose a user name, enter your first and last name, create a password, and select your group to create your account.
  5. Voice notification
    If you wish to be notified by voicemail, enter the phone number where you wish to receive voice alerts. You have the option of adding additional numbers. No further action is required for voice sign up.

If you follow the steps above, you are registered for PSC alerts. Note: If you fail to reply to link in the e-mail to verify your registration or fail to enter a cell phone validation code Web site when prompted, you will not be registered for alerts. Carrier charges may apply to text messages.

For questions about PSC’s alert systems, contact or (708) 709-7999.

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