Staff Directory

The main switchboard number is 709-3500. All numbers are in the (708) area code unless otherwise indicated. The College's 24-Hour Emergency Closing Line is (708) 709-3694 and Police and Campus Safety after hours can be reached at (708) 709-7777.



Adam, Christa
Professor, Biology/Coordinator, Natural Sciences, 709-3734, Office 4155
Addison, Sheila
Child Care Worker, Children's Learning Center, 709-7768, Office CLC 221
Albert, Nathan
Videographer and Photographer, Public Relations and Marketing, 709-3563, Office 2283
Alcantar, Roseanne
Digital Production Specialist (Evening), Duplication/Mail Center, 709-3592, Office T-155
Alexander, Leo
Assistant Director, Human Resources, 709-3667, Office 2107
Alston, Crystal
Public Relations and Market Specialist, Public Relations and Marketing, 709-7801, Office 2268
Altan, Alexander
College Archivist and Interlibrary Loan Librarian, 709-3553, Office 1216
Azor, Venice
PBI Student Support Specialist, Stem Bioscience Initiative, 709-3635, Office 2183



Ballard, Dale
Professor/Millwright/Tool and Die/Hydraulics/Plumbing, Mechanical Design, 709- 3769, Office 2188
Balogh, Joseph A. Jr.
Electrician, 709-3704, Office K-Bldg
Bankston, Howard (Dick)
Groundskeeper/Fleet Mechanic, 709-3704, Office K-Blg
Barnes, Lesia
Program Specialist, 709-3644, Office MAC
Barriga, Jay
Manager, ITR Operations and Client Services, ITR, 709-3747, Room 1155
Barrett, Reuben E.
Professor, Biology, 709-3668, Office 4156
Berkley, William
Coordinator, Male Success Initiative (MSI) / Enrollment Advisor, 709-2946, Room 1194
Berlinski, Joe
Professor/Chair/Business, 709-3565, Office 2211
Bertocchi, Mike
General Maintenance / Plumber 1, 709-7954
Biegel, Susan,
Supervising Dentist, 709-3715, Office L162
Birky, Karen
Campus Information Specialist/Evening,“0" or 709-3600, Office 1230
Black, Janice
Early Childhood Teacher, Children’s Learning Center 709-7732, Office CLC 221
Bolton, Donald
Network Administrator, ITR Department, 709-7938, Office 1152
Bonavia, Jan
Manager, Planning, Effectiveness and Accreditation, Student Affairs, 709-7844, Office 2161
Boyd, Jeff
Athletic Enrollment and Academic Advisor, 709-7867, Office 3265
Braasch, Susan
Administrative Assistant, Library, 709-3559, Office1217
Braun, Carol
Assistant Professor/Coordinator, Dental Hygiene 709-3715, Office L162
Brooks, Sheenah
PBI Student Support Specialist - Math, 709-3664, Office 2182
Brooms, Christine
Associate Professor/Coordinator, Chemistry/Dept. Chair, Natural Sciences, 709-3604, Office 2297
Bulthuis, Marcia
Assistant Professor, Nursing, 709-3534, Office 2239
Burghardt, Deanna
Executive Assistant, Business and Information Services, 709-3504, Office 2115
Burrough, Lee Anne
Professor/Coordinator, Physical Science/Earth Science and Geology, 709-3674, Office 2296



Cabello, Mary
Librarian Technical Assistant, 709-3557, Office 1216
Cairo, Allessandra
Sustainability Coordinator, Finance and Administration, 709-3764, Office 2630
Canali, Kathleen
Dental Clinic Assistant/Coordinator, 709-3707, Office HTC
Capolillo, Candace
Cashier, 709-3577, Office 1110
Carrera, Kristin
Manager, Design and Multimedia Services, Public Relations and Marketing, 709-3633, Office 2281
Carter, Magnolia
Assistant Professor, Nursing, 709-3531, Office 2230
Cavanagh, Victoria
Administrative Assistant, Dental Hygiene Program, 709-3708, Office L-158
Cavazos, Nicole
Enrollment Services Specialist Nursing/Health Programs, 709-3517, Office 1160
Chapman, Gregory
Carpenter/General Maintenance, 709-3704, Office K-Bldg
Chavolla, Teresa
Educational Specialist, Talent Search Program/TRiO Programs, 709-7782, Room 1140-B
Chidester, Ray
Coordinator, Administrative Programming Services, 709-7708, Office 1158
Ciesla, Carolyn
Instructional Services Librarian and Assistant Professor, 709-2949, Office 1214
Clifford, Karen
Duplication/Assistant Mail Clerk, 709-3591, Office T-155 (8 a.m. to 12 noon)
Cohen, Barbara
Programmer Analyst, 709-3582, Office 1150
Cohn, Tracy
Payroll Analyst, Human Resources, 709-3572, Office 2402
Cole-Carter, LaGenne
Campus Safety Officer, 709-7740, Office 1100
Colon, Bruce
Transfer Specialist, GSU Dual-Degree Program (DDP), 709-7782, Office 1184
Conatser, Diane
Executive Director, Information Technology Resources, 709-3579, Office 1161
Cornejo, Cynthia
Assistant Professor, Psychology, 709-7775, Room 2621
Cotch, Alanna
Professor, English and Honors Program Coordinator, 709-3654, Office 2231
Cronan, David
Executive Director, Human Resources, 709-3585, Office 2403



Davenport, Fred
Administrative Assistant, Student Life, 709-7917, Office 1240
Davis, Carissa (Chris)
Financial Aid Compliance Manager, Financial Aid 709-3562, Office 1363
Davis, Carmen
Executive Assistant, Academic Affairs, 709-3541, Office 2117
De La Fuente, Lalinda
Assistant Professor, Sociology, 709-3771, Room 2153
DeLong, Julie
Manager, Conference and Community Services, Continuing Professional Education, 709-7919, Office ATOC 167
Dennis, Jackie
Professor, Computer Information Technology, Coordinator, ITAPP, ITOFS, ITNET, ITPRG, ITWEB, 709-3649, Office 2212
DeSousa, Dianne
Associate Professor/Coordinator, Psychology 709-3652, Office 2171
Dickerson, Landon
Enrollment Services Assistant, 709-7714, Room 1160
Dieudonné, Darcelle
Retention Coordinator, Health Promotion, Student Life and Multicultural Affairs (708) 709-7988, Room 1182
Dolliver, Glenda
Clerk Typist, Matteson Area Center, 709-7710, Office MAC 104
Dolph, Annette
Assistant Professor, English, 709-3502, Office 2224
Drake, Alison
Interim Director, Children's Learning Center/Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education, 709-3725 and 709-3627, Offices: CLC 202 and 2172
Dumas, Eugene
The Center for Multicultural Communities, Healing Racism, Chicago Southland, 709-3797, Office 2193


Eberhardt, Patti
Professor, Nursing, 709-3527, Office 2235
Ecsi, Susan
Professor, Developmental Math/Coordinator, Math 709-3786, Office 2306
Eddins-Spencer, Melanie
Associate Professor, Mathematics, 709-3762, Office 2302
Eick-Magan, Jennifer
Associate Professor/Coordinator, ESL, 709-3722, ATOC Office124
Enochs, Fran
Enrollment Services Manager of Technical Support, 709-3927, Office 1160
Evans, Jason
Professor/Developmental Writing and English, 709-7852, Office 2227



Flores, Irma
Fitness and Wellness Specialist, Fitness Center, 709-3778, Room T-136
Fogarty, Christopher
Professor/Coordinator, Education/Department Chair, Social Sciences, Criminal Justice, and Education, 709-3628, Office 2167
Footé, Teresa
Network Administrator, ITR, 709-3717, Office 1152, 
Foster, Debra
Administrative Assistant, Counseling and Academic Advisor, 709-3506, Office 1103
Fox, Timothy
Financial Aid Processor I, 709-7805, Office 1359



Garant, Brian
Associate Professor, Mathematics, 709-7911, Office 2106
Garcia, Carla
Enrollment Services Specialist, Enrollment Services Department, 709-3516, Room 1160
Garcia, Delia
Data Entry Clerk/Clerical Specialist, 709-3685, Office ATOC 116
Gardner, Dan A.
Manager, Conference Center Operations and Community Services  , 709-3602, Office 1345
Giglio, Maureen
Associate Professor, Nursing, 709-7824, Office 2233
Gipson, Hattie
Student Success Center Receptionist, 709-3663, 709-3521, Office 2643
Gowler, Sarah
Early Childhood Teacher, Children's Learning Center, 709-7768, CLC-221
Grady, Maureen
Associate Professor, Nursing, 709-3528, Office 2239
Graf, Barbara
Administrative Assistant, Physical Education and Athletics, 709-7837, Office FH 100
Gravely, Jessica
Associate Professor/Coordinator, English, 709-3676, Room 2226
Gray, Alanda
Webmaster, Institutional Support Services 709-7889, Office T-156
Green, Mark
Groundskeeper, 709-3705, Office K-Blg
Griffin II, Gordon
Administrative Systems and Database Administrator, Information Technology Resources, 709-3785, Office 1150
Guia, Teresa
Transition Specialist, 709-3721, ATOC 125
Guiliani, Michelle
Operations Support Specialist, Corporate Education, 709-7957, Office ATOC 165
Gumushian, Tony
Professor/Coordinator, Automotive Technology/Dept. Chair, Industrial Technology, 709-3614, Office 2187



Halliburton, André
Associate Professor, Psychology, 709-7841, Office 2168
Halm-Lutterodt, Nicholas
Professor/ Biology, 709-3610, Office 3151
Hambrick, Pamela
Coordinator, Document Production and Office Services, 709-3619, Office T-157
Hammond, Max N.
Associate Professor, Humanities, 709-3650, Office 2169
Hampton, Mary
Financial Aid Advisor I, Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs, 709-7888, Office 1366
Hansel, Marie
Vice President, Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty, 709-3542, Office 2116
Hansen, Alysse (Lisa)
Manager, Student Success Center and Testing, 709-3507, Office 2635
Haskins, Albert
Director, TRiO/Student Support Services, 709-7933, Office 1207
Havighorst, Deborah Smith
Executive Director, PSC Foundation, 709-7918, Office 2149
Hawkins-Sledge, Kisha
Assistant Professor/English, 709-3547, Office 2621
Hayes, Dewoun
Administrative Assistant Foundation, 709-3631, Office 2143
Hein, Sarah
Associate Professor, Counselor/Transfer Program, 709-3508, Office 1197
Helbert, Lee
Manager, First Year Experience, 709-3639, Office 1183
Hernandez, Carmen
Accounts Receivable, Business Office, 709-3776, Office 2539
Hoak, Jacqueline
Director, Athletics/Athletic Enrollment and Academic Advisor, Physical Education and Athletics, 709-7830, Office FH 100
Holliday, Ayanna
Food Service Monitor, Children's Learning Center, 709-3727, Room CLC 206
Howard, Kristina Marie
Associate Dean, Library, 709-3556, Room 1217
Hudson, Brittany
Assistant Manager, Barnes and Noble Bookstore, 709-3587, Office 1120
Hudson, Laraine
Administrative Assistant, Academic Services and Counseling, 709-3522, Office 1191
Hughes, Megan
Assistant Professor, English/Coordinator, Reading, 709-3536, Room 2224
Hughes, Patricia
Digital Production Technician, Duplication/Mailroom, 709-7706, Office T-155
Hullum, Shandra
Child Care Worker, Children's Learning Center, 709-7768, Office CLC-221
Hung, Angela
Assistant Professor, Biology, 709-3675, Office 3151



Ibarra, Georgeen
Bursar, Business Office, 709-7927, Office 1110
Ickis, Dolores
Professor/Co-coordinator,Dental Hygiene/ Dept. Chair, Dental Hygiene and Surgical Technology, 709-3710, Office L-161
Ivory, Dora
Coordinator, Literacy Education, 709-3724, Office ATOC 176



Jackson, Akilah
Enrollment Services Clerk, Enrollment Services, 709-3640, Office 1101
Janowiak, Diane
Director, Advising and Disability Services , 709-3603, Office 1200
Janusz, Denise
Professor, Dental Hygiene, 709-3712, Office L-159
Jenkins, Senatha
Human Resources Associate, Training Specialist, Human Resources, 709-7884, Office 2402
Jones, Danielle
Academic Advisor, Career and Technical Education, Health and Industrial Technology, 709-3741, Office 2161
Jones, Peggy
Administrative Assistant, Arts and Sciences, 709-3537, Office 2119
Jones, Sharyn
Administrative Assistant, Adult Education, 709-3719, ATOC Office 104
Joyner, Marquez
Microcomputer Technician, Information Technology Resources, 709-2943, Office 1152



Kassa, Adane Gebeyaw
Director, Institutional Research and Planning, 709-7916, Room 2261
Karras, Georgia
Associate Professor/Coordinator, Industrial Electricity and Computer Electronics Technology, 709-3598, Room 2185
Kelly-Gorbitz, Barbara
Professor, Dental Hygiene, 709-3714, Office L 160
Kelly, Marian
Professor, Biology, 709-3669, Office 3152
Kibardina, Marina
Controller/Director, Business Services, 709-7921, Office Room 2291
Kifowit, Steve
Professor, Mathematics, 709-3954, Office 2305
Kimbrough, Iris
Coordinator of Career Training, 709-7866, Office MAC 105
King, Rosalie
Coordinator of Curriculum, Assessment, and Articulation, 709-3505, Office 2113
Kirby-Swenson, Adam
Programmer Analyst, Information Technology Resources , 709-7896, Office 1151
Kloss, Cathy Killian
Director, Development and Special Projects, 709-3944, Office 2118
Kosiek, Timothy
Executive Director, Facilities and Operations, 709-3702, Office K 144
Kraay, Pam
Coordinator, Physical Education and Fitness Center, 709-3929, Office T-138
Kruzel, Janet
Document Production Specialist/Mail Delivery Clerk, 709-3739, Office T-157
Kuban, Linda
Accounts Receivable Clerk, 709-3796, Office 1110
Kuban, William
INAM Project Specialist, 709-3783, Office T-182
Kucharczyk, Loretta
Director, First Year Experience , 709-3622, Office 1181
Kuchta, Chris
Coordinator of Sports Information, Physical Education and Athletics, 709-3950, Office FH 102
Kunce, Kim Marisa
Dean, Adult Education, 709-3684, ATOC Office 105



LaTurner, Hyrum
Assistant Professor, Humanities, 709-3549, Room 2633
Lannan, Erica
Professor, Biology, 709-3720, Office 2623
Lapetino, Kelly
Dean, Corporate and Continuing Education, 709-3795, ATOC Office 117
Logan, Elizabeth
Academic Advisor, TRiO/Student Support Services, 709-7946, Office 1202



Mabry, Pashal
Financial Aid Evaluator, Financial Aid And Veterans Affairs, 709-7942, Office 1359
Madden, April
Library Technical Assistant, 709-3554, Office 1217
Maddox, Michael
Professor/Coordinator, Graphic Communications, 709-3679, Office 4165; Lab 4195
Malic, Kathleen S.
Professor/Coordinator/Department Chair, Interim Director, Nursing, 709-3530, Office 2229
Maltase, Brian
General Maintenace III, Facilities and Operations, 709-3704, K Bldg.
Maltbia, Angioletta
ABE/GED® Student Services Specialist, 709-7931, ATOC Office 129
Manley, Helen
Coordinator, Student and Campus Life, 709-3910, 709-3921, Office 1262, Office 1260
Marks, Kevin
Associate Professor, Mathematics, 709-3611, Office 2304
Martin, Ladaris, 709-7760, Room 3145
Biology Laboratory Manager
Maurer, Paulette
Director, Institutional Support Services, 709-3630, Office T-157
McCann, Teresa
Associate Professor/Coordinator, Spanish, 709-3643, Office 2210
McCorkle, Jennifer
Executive Assistant, Student Affairs, 709-3546, Office 2105
McGathey, Natalie
Assistant Professor, Mathematics, 709-2940, Office 2304
McGhee, Yvette
Financial Aid Manager of Student Services, Financial Aid, 709-3520, Office 1362
McGinnis, Grace
Director, Financial Aid, 709-3519, Office 1357 
McWilliams, Velma
Campus Information Specialist, "0", Office 1230
McWilliams, Alicia
Educational Specialist/TRiO Talent Search Program. 709-2952, Office 1140
Mendoza, Rosalva
Administrative Assistant, 709-3543, Office 2121
Mergenthaler, Raquel
Campus Information Specialist, "0", Office 1230
Miller, Diane
Assistant Professor, Nursing, 709-3726, Office 2230
Miller, Jaime M.
Executive Director, Enrollment and Financial Aid Services, 709-3513, Office 1163
Montaner, Thane
Assistant Professor/Chair/Collection Management Librarian, 709-3551, Office 1221
Moody, Michael
Manager, Non-Credit Programs, Matteson Area Center, 709-7711, MAC 102
Mosher, Jack
Help Desk Specialist, 709-7999, Office 1150
Mulling, Craig
Professor, Sociology, 709-3625, Office 2622
Murdie, Jessie
Manager, Barnes and Noble Bookstore, 709-3759, Office 1121
Murphy, John
Director, Police and Campus Safety/Chief of Police, 709-7834, Office 2406
Murtagh, Paul
Construction Business Development Center Coordinator, 709-3692 (ATOC), Office 166



Naze, David
Interim Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs/Associate Professor, Communication, 709-3595, Office 2186
Nelson, Craig
Professor, Biology, 709-3606, Office 3150
Neveles, Julius
Campus and Public Safety Officer, 709-7777, Office 1100
Nicholas, Thomas
Associate Professor, English, 709-3789, Office 2223
Nicholson, Valerie
Coordinator, Performing Arts/ Professor, Music, 709-3742, Office 3267
Norfleet, Tanya
Coordinator, Student Career Development Center, 709-3755, Office ATOC 152
Novak, Frank
Security and Operations Specialist, 709-7839, Office MAC 103
Nunez, Joseph A.
General Maintenance, 709-3704, Office K-Blg



O'Banner, James
Campus Police Patrol Officer, Campus and Public Safety
O’Keefe, Kenneth
Professor/Coordinator, Criminal Justice, 709-3763, Office 2170
O'Kennard, Edward
Child Care Worker, Children's Learning Center, 709-7733, Office CLC 220
Olds, Richard
Coordinator, Employment Development and Retention Position, Illinois WorkNet, 709-3941, Office ATOC 162
Ostroski, Carolyn
Grant Accountant, Business Services, 709-3571, Office ATOC 142



Pacheco, Esther
Coordinator of Events Planning, 709-3503, Office 1180
Pariseau, Justin
Assistant Professor, History, 709-3629, Office 2151
Parks, Tina
Associate Professor, Nursing, 709-7849, Office 2232
Pavesich, Sam
Campus Police Officer, 709-7777, Office 1100
Pedersoli, Jodi
Document Production Specialist, 709-3660, Office T-157
Perez, Susie
Human Resources Generalist, 709-7705, Office 2405
Pipik, Paul
Coordinator, Student Veterans Center, 709-3567, Room 1240
Pickens, Lisa
Caseworker, Adult Education, 709-7799, Office A 127
Pietrzyk, Donald
General Maintenance, Physical Plant and Facilities, (708) 709-7784, 1 NWE
Pinnow, Robert
Campus Police Officer, 709-7777, Office 1100
Prendergast, Debra
Dean, Business, Mathematics, and Science, 709-3689, Office 2122





Rajchel, Bonnie
Information Technology Training and Technical Support Specialist, Information Technology Resources, 709-7929, Office 1150
Rahmani, Goli
Enrollment Advisor / High School Recruiter / International Students, 709-7809, Office 1206
Rapata, Lynn
Enrollment Services Assistant (Evening), 709-3550, Office 1160
Rauch, Debra
Assistant Controller, Finance and Administration, 709-3574, Office ATOC, Room 142
Ray, Chidester
Coordinator, Administrative Programming Services, 709-3580, Office 1150
Reichard, Patrick
Professor, English and Dev. English, 709-3596, Office 2221
Rhomberg, Karen
Data Analyst, Institutional Research, 709-3580, Office 2161
Ricci, Judith
Truck Driving Office Assistant, CDL Program, 709-7874, Office ATOC 155
Ricks, Cheron
Accounting Clerk, 709-3575, Office ATOC 142
Rietveld, Jennifer
Telecommunications/Computer Technician, 709-7900, Office 1152
Rinaldi, Paul
Professor/Coordinator, Fine Arts, 709-3673, 709-7850, Office 4145
Lab K-Bldg
Rivera, Marcello
Campus Police Officer, Police and Campus Safety, 709-3632, Office 1103
Rodriguez, Jennica
Hispanic Outreach Specialist/Enrollment Advisor, 709-3510, Room 1140
Rogge, Maureen
Early Childhood Teacher, Children’s Learning Center, 709-7734, Office C-216
Rokicki, Donna
Mail/Duplication Clerk, 709-7810, Office T-155
Rollings, Randy
Media Services Coordinator, 709-3942, Office 1152



Saban, Thomas D.
Vice President, Finance and Administration, 709-3568, Office 2114
St. Jacques, Pamela
Administrative Assistant, Physical Plant and Facilities, 709-3700, Office K-Blg
Salami, Mohammad R.
Professor/Coordinator, Physics/Astronomy, 709-3616, Office 2295
Scheidt, Vanessa
Coordinator/EMS, 747-1000 X-1921, St. James Hospital
Schlueter, John
Assistant Professor/Coordinator, Adult Basic and Secondary Education, 709-7910, Office ATOC 126
Schott, Andrew
Associate Professor, Political Science/Department Chair, Social Sciences, 709-3624, Office 2163
Schmidt, B.J.
Facilitator Conference Center and TWL, Conference Center, 709-3782, Office 1345
Schmidt, Craig
Vice President, Community and Economic Development, 709-3953, Office 2128
Schusler, Marcianne
Professor/Coordinator, Business and Economics, 709-7806, Office 2210
Schwarz, Ed
Professor, Communication, 709-3772, Office 2620
Sebastian, Susan
Business Solutions Specialist, Corporate Education, 709-7895, Office ATOC 169
Seeley, Stefanie
Executive Assistant, Community and Economic Development, 709-7950, Office 2105
Shadur, Beth
Director, Christopher Art Gallery, 709-7738, Office 2150
Shaibat, Medhat
Associate Professor, Chemistry, 709-7925, Office 2623
Shields, Louis
Professor, Art History, 709-7771, Office 4262
Siegert, Sherrie
Child Care Worker, Children’s Learning Center, 709-7734, Office C-216
Simpkins, Felix
Dean, Student Development and Campus Life, 709-3518, Office 1200
Simpson, Angela
Assistant Professor, Nursing, 709-3609, Room 2237
Sims-Drew, Katharine
Associate Professor, Mathematics, 709-3765, Office 2106
Slagle, Rebecca
Assistant Professor, Visual Communications and Multimedia Arts/Coordinator, Photography, 709 7762, Room 4263
Small, Andrea
Public Relations Specialist, Public Relations and Marketing, 709-2948, Office 2280
Smith, Sean
Academic Advisor, Academy for Excellence in Math, Science - Bioscience Initiative, 709-3912, Office 2636
Solberg, Susan R.
Dean, Liberal Arts, 709-3758, Office 2120
Spencer, Elise
Assistant Professor, English, 709-3698, Room 2222
Stabile, Denise
Manager, Information Center, 709-3600, Office 1230
Stamps, Terra
Professor, Mathematics, 709-3608, Office 2301
Steele, Matthew
Virtual Services Coordinator, Library, 709-3560, Room 1215
Sterning, Dawn
PBI Bioscience Project Coordinator, 709-7882, Room 2150
Stoner, Jennifer
Executive Director, Public Relations and Marketing, 709-3949, Office 2266
Streeter, George
Associate Professor/Coordinator, Humanities and Philosophy, 709-7930, Room 2634
Stewart, Keli
Assistant Professor, English, 709-3538, Office 2621
Sum, Donna
Professor, Business, 709-3687, Office 2213
Support Staff Union
709-3672, Room 4263
Suttles, Lorna
Evening Cashier, Business Office, 709-3577, Office 1110



Taylor-Lawton, Cheri
Budget Analyst, Finance and Administration, 709-7949, Office 1111
Tekeste, Shelley
High School Recruiter / Enrollment Advisor, 709-3641, Office 1195
Thomas, Gregory
Vice President, Student Affairs/Dean of Students, 709-3501, Office 2292
Thomas, Jason
Director, Talent Search/TRIO Programs, 709-7940, Office 1140
Thomas, Leah
Receptionist, President’s Office, 709-3659, Office 2270
Thomas-Green, Dominque
Financial Aid Processor II, 709-3913, Office 1359
Thompson, Alvin
Campus Police Officer, 709-3632 Office 1103
Tinwala, Abdullah
Professor, Business and Economics, 709-3597, Office 2203
Tirado, Jennifer
Document Production Specialist, 709-3737, Office T-151
Tracy, Victoria
Reference Librarian, Library, 709-3564, Office 1212
Trost, Patricia
Administrative Director, President’s Office and Board of Trustees, 709-3637, Office 2271



Ullrich, Jason
Utility Heating and Maintenance Specialist, 709-7816, Office 2SWF Mech



Vaci, Daniel
Campus Police Officer, 709-7777, Office 1100
Vargas, Gilbert
Campus Safety Officer, Campus and Public Safety, 709-7777, Office 1103
Vidovic, Justin
Associate Professor, English, 709-7981, Office 2621
Villanueva, Maria
Coordinator, Testing, 709-3558, Office 2505
Violette, Erin
Grants Program Assistant, 709-3791, Office ATOC 164



Wang, Haiming 
Assistant Professor, Physics/Astronomy, 709-3607, Room 2188 
Wedster, Julie

Assistant Professor/Coordinator, Surgical Technology, 709-3780 
Westgate, Strafford M.

Coordinator, Campus and Public Safety, 709-3647, Office 1101
White, Angela
Enrollment Services Manager of Student Services, 709-3514, Room 1160
Wiegele, Colleen
Administrative Assistant, Information Technology Resources, 709-3578, Office 1150
Wilck, David
Groundskeeper, Physical Plant and Facilities, 709-3704, K Blg
Wilkins, Allison
Credentials Analyst, Enrollment Services 709-3509, Office 1162
Willis, Larris
Early Childhood Teacher, Children’s Learning Center, 709-7734, Office CLC-216
Willoughby, Camille
Administrative Assistant, Health Professions, 709-3524, Office 2252
Wilson, Elighie
Professor/Department Chair/Coordinator, Communication, Humanities and Performing Arts, 709-7767, Office 2180
Winding, Steven
Campus Police Patrol Officer, 709-7777, Office 1100
Winfree, Terri
President, 709-3638, Office 2272
Wolfe, Martin
Assistant Professor/Coordinator, Welding and Manufacturing, 709-7807, Office T-145 
Wolfe, Yvonne
Manager, Illinois workNet Center, 709-3917, Office ATOC 159
Woodyatt, John
Manager, Facilities and Operations 709-7989, Office 2623
Word, Shannon
Acting Dean, Student Development and Campus Life, 709-3511, Office 1200
Wyack, Beth
Enrollment Advisor, 709-7776, Office 1196




Young, Steven A.
Shipping/Receiving Clerk, 709-3646, Office T-102



Zambrano, Antonio
Senior Accountant, Business Office, 709-3586, Office 2542
Zeigler, Elizabeth (Lisa)
Grant Programs Manager, Community and Economic Development, 709-3548, ATOC 138
Ziems, Fred 
Microcomputer Technician, 709-3947, ITR, Room 1155
Zoeteman, Robert
General Maintenance/Painter, 709-3704, Office K-Blg
Zroskie, Linda
Associate Professor, Nursing, 709-3768, Office 2228
Zuccarello, Patricia
Dean, Health and Industrial Technology, 709-2947, Office 2241


Schlueter, John
Assistant Professor, Coordinator, Adult Basic and Secondary Education, 709-7910, Office ATOC 126