Class Descriptions

Descriptions of Non-Credit Class Offerings (View current schedules)


The following list contains descriptions of non-credit classes offered by Prairie State College. For specific dates and times of scheduled non-credit classes, view the current schedule in PDF format. For additional information please call at (708) 709-3750 or e-mail


Adult Education (ABE/GED, ESL, Literacy)

Automotive Services

Car Care Clinic

Learn how to be confident about car care. Students should bring their cars and manuals and be prepared to get greasy and learn more about oil change, battery, tune-up, brakes, drive belt, flat tire, and check engine light. Everyone welcome.

Bicycle Repair

Basic Bicycle Repair

This hands-on class teaches bike repair basics whether its routine maintenance or fixing a problem when broken down on a trail. Learn how to replace a tube and tire, adjust brakes, repair a broken chain, and perform other minor repairs. Learn what tools are needed to make repairs easier. Bring your bicycle to class.


See also Real Estate and Online Classes for additional Business classes.


SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives)

SCORE provides free counseling on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 9 a.m. and 12 noon. Trained and experienced volunteer counselors provide confidential assistance to people who are interested in going into business, are already in business and want to expand, or are encountering difficulties. Counseling is by appointment only and can be scheduled by calling PSC’s Matteson Area Center at (708) 709-3750 or online at

SCORE Seminar

Learn how to take advantage of free SCORE counseling and the Business for Entrepreneurs $implified series. Please register early; seating is limited.

Business For Entrepreneurs $mplified

(How to Start and Run a Successful Business)

Turn your dream into a thriving business! This five-session, hands-on course is designed to equip entrepreneurs with practical tools and strategies to develop and grow their business. Learn the essentials of managing a business and developing a business plan from presenters who have real world experience, including an attorney, banker, certified public accountant, and other business owners and professionals. All class materials are included in the tuition cost.

Buying Real Estate Foreclosures

A foreclosure is a legal procedure in which property pledged as security is sold to satisfy a debt. This class covers the different types of foreclosures and how to buy them based on Illinois law.

Creative Financing and Investment in Real Estate

Learn new ways to finance real estate investments and how to find real estate investment opportunities. The class covers limited partnerships, wrap-around mortgages, refinancing, trade and exchange of properties, pledges, and construction loans. The subject of loan modifications will be discussed in detail.

Introduction to Legal Admin/Secretarial Field

This introductory course provides an overview of working in the fast-paced legal field. Learn about the structure of law firms and the Illinois Court System, review legal terminology, and gain hands-on drafting of legal documents. Students interested in pursuing a career as a legal assistant/secretary, paralegal, or project assistant in a law firm should take this course. This also is a great course to take along with the Office Assistant Certificate Program. Textbook is included. (See Computers for course listings.)

Introduction To Project Management With Ms Project

Learn how to effectively manage a project through all phases of a project life cycle: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing. Students complete exercises and a real-world class project. Course includes MS Project 2007 basic and advanced training and covers task setup, project plan configuration, printing, managing tasks and resources, modifying views and tracking, and customizing. Textbook is included.

How to Buy and Sell on eBAY

This class teaches how to buy and sell on eBay with some hands-on exercises. Learn advanced techniques for buying and selling, and how to avoid scams. Discussion includes how to start an eBay business including finding supplies and establishing payment methods.

Introduction to Grant Writing

Learn where to locate grant sources, how to submit an application, write a proposal, and incorporate proper form and style. Utilize these skills in non-profit, educational environments.

Managing the 21st Century (Choice Coaching)

Generation X and Y workers do not respond well to authoritarian supervision. Learn why businesses are moving from the authoritarian approach in supervision to the collaborative coaching approach in this two-day class. Coaching provides a new model of supervision designed to reach those workers. Learn the psychology behind this supervision style and practice its use while receiving feedback.

Principles of Management

The concept of managerial functions in the modern business enterprise are introduced. Basic managerial philosophies and theories are presented in relation to planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling.

Bookkeeping and Procedural Accounting

Emphasis is placed on how to keep records rather than how to analyze them. Work is devoted to developing procedures within the framework of acceptable accounting concepts.

Workplace Solutions

Ever feel a bit overwhelmed? Learn effective tools to manage multiple demands and priorities, problem-solve with ease, keep on top of numerous projects, and reduces the stress from the work day.

Human Resources for Small Business

This course provides an overview of some of the basic HR requirements
and considerations that every small business owner needs to know. Learn
about the appropriate questions to ask during an interview, how to
determine if an employee handbook is needed, what is an at-will
employee, and more.

Today’s Bank Teller Training

Prairie State College has partnered with the Illinois Banking Association to teach the skills needed to become a successful bank teller. This class includes a comprehensive overview of the banking industry, the U.S. Payments System, the duties of the Federal Reserve System, and an overview of pertinent banking laws and regulations. Learn about daily transaction procedures and teller responsibilities. Upon completion of the course, students have the option of taking exams to earn American Institute of Banking credits. Textbook is included.


Here are some online courses related to the above subjects. Most classes start at $100. Please call (708) 709-3750 or visit

Fundamentals of Supervision and Management

Learn how to be an effective manager or supervisor. Master the basics of business and organizations, acquire the people skills required to motivate and delegate, and learn tools for solving problems and resolving conflicts.

Principles of Sales Management

Master the art of managing sales teams from a sales management professional. Learn the essential roles and responsibilities of a sales manager and develop leadership, motivational, and team-building skills.

Purchasing Fundamentals

Improve your company’s bottom line profitability by mastering the fundamentals of purchasing. Learn key strategic concepts such as supplier partnerships, capital budgeting, and "green" buying. This course also prepares students for the internationally recognized CPM and APP exams.

Start Your Own eBay Drop Off Store

Turn other people’s unwanted items into a lucrative source of income by starting an eBay drop off store. Master the art of setting up a business, writing a marketing plan, taking super photos, creating dynamite listings, and offering great customer service. Also, check out our "Business for Entrepreneurs Simplified" course for a hands-on, live classroom experience to help your eBay business grow.




See also Online Classes for additional computer classes.


Introduction to Computers

Learn the basic computer skills that are useful personally and professionally including an overview of hardware, software, operating systems, and basic commands.


Rather than typing finger by finger, learn how to operate the letter keys by touch, increasing the number of words per minute typed. Textbook can be purchased at the main campus bookstore. A textbook is required the first night of class.

Microsoft Word—Beginning (Word 2013)

From personal letters to professional manuscripts, learn the easy and correct way to create any type of document. Learn how to create and edit documents, apply borders and shading, move and copy text, insert numbers and bullets, use templates, and print.

Microsoft Word—Intermediate (Word 2013)

This course is a continuation of Microsoft Word—Beginning. This course covers styles, long document handling, headers and footers, master documents, tables, mail merge, envelopes and labels, basic macros, graphics, borders, and fills.

Microsoft PowerPoint (PowerPoint 2013)

Learn how to make your PowerPoint presentation "pop" with graphics, slides, and enhanced text. Topics include working with objects, organizational charts and graphs, creating special effects, and developing notes and handouts.

Access — Beginning (Access 2013)

Learn how to create and manage databases, use reports and forms, extract information, and use other commonly used features of this program.

Access — Intermediate (Access 2013)

In this continuation of the beginning level, learn how to use action queries, calculate fields, adjust data types, set field properties, and perform database maintenance. Learn how to use input masks, control forms, and the lookup feature.

Microsoft Excel—Beginning (Excel 2013)

Learn to build, edit, and use spreadsheets. Basic formulas, formatting, and built-in functions are covered.

Microsoft Excel—Intermediate (Excel 2013)

This course is a continuation of Excel Beginning. Learn to create and filter lists, use graphing features, link formulas across spreadsheets, create templates, and use advanced functions.

Microsoft Office (Office 2013)

This course gives an overview of the four programs included in the Microsoft Professional Office Suite for Windows. In Word, the basics of word processing; in Excel, spreadsheets; in PowerPoint, creating presentations; and in Access, creating databases. A basic understanding of Windows is required.

Here are some online courses related to the above subjects. Most classes start at $100. Please call (708) 709-3750 or visit

Guiding Kids on the Internet

Work on the Web with your kids. This essential course for teachers, leaders, and parents provides the confidence needed to help children get the best from the Internet. Learn kid-friendly Internet features from Web page creation to discovering fun resources for kids.

Introduction to Windows Vista

Windows Vista is a radical departure from the previous Windows versions. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Windows user, don’t miss out on learning Vista’s best and most important features.

Computer Quick Shots

What are Quick Shots? These three to four hour classes are designed to teach the basic operations of the most popular applications. We provide enough information to get started in these programs. If you need additional instruction, then our regular non-credit courses are the answer.

Introduction to Windows

Get basic instruction on navigating, opening, moving, resizing, and command selection common to any Windows program using either the keyboard or mouse. Basic explanation of what Windows is and is not.

Mail Merge and Your Address Book

Learn to create a mail merge database and how to set up a letter, catalog, labels, and envelopes and merge a list of customers to these items. Learn how to merge a collection of names into the letters or labels in the Outlook address book.

Working with Pivot Tables and Basic Macros
Learn what a Pivot Table is and how it is best used to rearrange data to find a trend or solution. Class includes program instructions to create and run basic macros.
Microsoft Word Step 1

This class introduces new comers to word processing using Word. Learn to create a basic document, save options, use of templates, and how to move round the document. Auto correct, selecting text using both the keyboard and the mouse, basic formatting, and editing also are introduced.

Access Step 1

Through the use of a template, learn about a basic database including structure and navigation. Learn how to create a database from scratch, create tables using wizards, add data, and basic data manipulation.

Intro to the Internet

Learn what type of equipment is needed, connection options, and which providers are available. Class includes a discussion on security and how to protect computers. Participants get hands-on experience and learn about navigating the World Wide Web and various search options.

PowerPoint Step 1

Gain a basic introduction to PowerPoint and the benefits of its use. Learn about slide selection, objects, inserting text, and basic formatting, as well as use of auto correct and dangers of spell check. The class also introduces selecting clip art, adding charts, sound and animation, and playing the presentation.

Facebook for Parents and Children

This class is designed for both a parent and child. Learn how to set up a Facebook account for a child, and how to monitor and view its content. Basic security is discussed. This class requires both a parent and child; no child will be allowed to participate without a parent present. Children must be age 13 or older. $39 tuition fee is for both parent and child.

Excel Step 1

Learn about the power of a spreadsheet including how to avoid the major mistakes in creating spreadsheets, inputting data, saving, and opening. Formulas and basic formatting are also covered.

Basic E-mail

Learn about e-mail basics including setting up e-mail accounts that can be used after the class is over. Security and the advantages of having an extra account also are discussed. After setting up the accounts in class, students learn how to send, receive, forward, and reply to e-mails. Attachments and built-in address book are also covered.

Advanced E-mail

This is the second in our series of basic e-mail classes using Yahoo e-mail and covers the basics of RSS feeds to get information from multiple Web sites. If time allows discussion includes general options and preferences, blocking and customizing the spam filter, checking and editing personal information, and working with address books.


Don’t throw out that old computer! Computers that are moving slower may benefit from a basic tune up by cleaning clutter and junk. This class covers basic security and how it affects speed, using scanners that pop up while on the Internet, and how to make sure a registry is properly backed up.

Courses for Teachers

Teachers – Whether you need to earn your CPDUs or would like to take a course that helps you manage the classroom better, check out our wide selection of both live classroom and online courses. Prairie State College is committed to helping our educators be the best they can be for their students by providing quality educational and informational courses at an affordable price.

Introduction to Choice Therapy

This workshop is ideal for teachers, counselors, social workers, psychologists, and school administrators. Dr. William Glasser’s new psychology of personal freedom, "Choice Theory," is discussed. Choice Theory empowers people to change their lives personally and professionally by putting their energy into those things they have control over—their own behavior and thinking. Learn how to self-evaluate and help others self-evaluate the effectiveness of their choices. Identifying the fundamentals of choice therapy and interviewing clients using reality therapy are covered in this workshop.


Here are some online courses related to the above subjects. Most classes start at $100. Please call (708) 709-3750 or visit

Working Successfully with Learning Disabled Students

Learn how to successfully meet the diverse needs of the learning disabled students in your classroom. We’ll examine the whole special education process, from working with individualized education programs (IEPs) to helping students struggling with reading comprehension, math skills, and writing.

Survival Kit for New Teachers

Are you a new teacher who feels anxious about entering your first classroom? Whether you’re already teaching, a newly credentialed graduate, or a substitute transitioning to full-time, this course provides the time-tested tools, tips, and tricks needed to make your early years in the classroom a breeze.

Ready, Set, Read!

Learn what the newest research says about how children really learn to read and write. Become a powerful guide to literacy development when you work with young children. Gain confidence in your ability to guide a child’s literary development, and take pleasure in seeing how even the smallest events can be really big steps in reading and writing success.

Solving Classroom Discipline Problems

Why do some teachers enjoy peaceful, orderly classrooms while other teachers face daily discipline battles? The answer is that many teachers have not been taught the secrets to solving discipline problems. This course reveals those secrets and presents a step-by-step approach to effective, positive classroom discipline.

Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom

Differentiated instruction (DI) is becoming a mainstay in classrooms across the country as educators are starting to see the ways the traditional classroom setting limits their ability to reach diverse learners. Learn the ten practical DI integration strategies and the three sample integration lessons on each strategy. Help improve the learning outcomes for your students.



Creating Hair Adornments

Hair adornments are the perfect way to accessorize. Feather hair adornments are all the rage, gracing the pages of fashion magazines and the heads of numerous celebrities. This latest fashion trend also makes a perfect customized gift. Learn how to make feather hairpieces and headbands. Course materials are included in the cost.



Beginning Ballroom Dancing & Review

Join the fun and get exercise by ballroom dancing. Learn to lead and follow dances including the Fox Trot, Waltz, Rumba, Cha-Cha, and Swing. Dress comfortably and wear smooth-soled shoes. A dance partner is required and each individual must register.

Steppers’ Workshop

Stepping is an organized form of rhythmic dance. Students will learn basic steps, turns and dancing with a partner. This style of dance is a great cardiovascular exercise, and an excellent opportunity to meet, socialize and enjoy the music at the same time. Dress comfortably and wear smooth-soled shoes. A dance partner is required and each individual must register.

Beginning Salsa Dancing

Learn to dance the exciting Latin rhythms of Salsa, Cha-Cha, Merengue, Swing, and the Cuban Motion. Dress comfortably and wear smooth-soled shoes. A dance partner is required and each individual must register.



Advanced Personal Finance Workshop for Living Debt Free

This workshop is for people who would like to uncover more sophisticated approaches for handling their day to day finances. The general economy, steps to financial security, insight when purchasing/renewing insurance contracts, little known mortgage products, and 401k, 403b, 457, IRA account management strategies are explored. Discussion also includes a proven system for saving money in various spending categories and raising credit scores. Price includes lunch, workbook, and a separate one-hour, one-on-one consultation to address personal goals and issues. Course section "M1" is for couples who share living expenses. No senior discount.

Strategies for a Successful Retirement

Learn how to develop an income plan that replaces retirement earnings. Strategies for investments are covered including safe investments in this economy and measuring risk. Participants also learn smart estate planning including how to set up a trust, how taxes are paid, and the best way to distribute property.

Strategies for Living Debt Free in the 21st Century

Learn a three-step system for successfully managing debts and expenses. This workshop is designed for those who want to build wealth and become financially independent by eliminating debt. Learn a linear math system to eliminate all consumer debt in one to four years, and then a mortgage in another three to five years. Learn specific powerful and proven strategies that work every single time. Bring a list of debts with balances and monthly payments. Students learn debt management techniques to help insure that financial goals are achieved. Learn numerous strategies for spending money more efficiently. Note: Bring a calculator.

Here are some online courses related to the above subjects. Most classes start at $100. Please call (708) 709-3750 or visit

The Analysis and Evaluation of Stocks

This comprehensive course is designed to show you how to research and value stocks. Topics covered in the course include reading financial statements, calculating financial ratios, industrial comparisons, and pricing techniques.

Building Wealth

Discover how most wealthy people amassed their fortunes. If you’re serious about accumulating a sizable nest egg and living the life of your dreams, this course provides the knowledge and teaches the skills needed to succeed. 



See Sports & Fitness

Food Preparation

Food Service Sanitation

The Illinois Department of Public Health requires that all food service establishments be under the operational supervision of a certified food service sanitation manager. This class meets those requirements. After successfully passing the exam, the Illinois Department of Public Health provides a five-year certificate for a fee of $35. Textbook is included in price of class.

Food Service Sanitation—5-Hour Refresher Course

Prerequisite: Illinois State Food Service License

This course is for the renewal of a food service license in the state of Illinois. It meets not only national requirements, but also those of the State of Illinois. Students must bring current food service license to class. Students are not eligible if their license has expired.

 Here are some online courses related to the above subjects. Most classes start at $100. Please call (708) 709-3750 or visit

 Luscious, Low-Fat, Lightning-Quick Meals

Would you like to make healthy meals that are fast, easy, and so good that your whole family enjoys them without realizing they’re healthy? If so, then this is the cooking class for you! Learn how simple it can be to prepare meals that are both delicious and nutritious.

Secrets of the Caterer

Catering is a business that has become very popular, especially for those who love to cook and plan parties. Learn the fundamentals of the catering business, how to cook for large crowds, organize your kitchen, manage your time, and work with clients. The course focuses on cooking skills every caterer needs, with an introduction to the business side of catering.



Home Improvement

All Home Improvement classes are held in Room K-115. K-Building is located on the north side of Vollmer Road, behind the car wash. Look for the "Construction Trades" sign on the building. Please bring safety glasses to class.

Plumbing Made Easy

Learn how to do small plumbing repairs in this hands-on class. Learn how to install and repair a faucet, fix a leaky toilet, and how to make other plumbing repairs. Time in this class is well-spent and can save money in repair costs.

Drywall and Plastering Repairs

Learn the easy and safe way to hang drywall in your home. In this class students will learn the difference between standard drywall, green board, and cement board and where to install fire-rated drywall. Instruction is provided on the best taping and sanding techniques to use on installed drywall. For those with plaster repair questions, learn the modern way of making repairs without compromising the rich look of plaster walls.

Minor Electrical Wiring for Homeowners

Learn the safe and proper way to make common electrical repairs around the house including how to replace an outlet and switches, install GFCI outlets per local building codes, and how to choose and install light fixtures. In addition, learn how to install a ceiling fan and a proper brace.

Ceramic Tile Installation

Ceramic tile installation is taught in this hands-on class. Learn about using the right substrate, surface preparation, tile layout, spreading mastic and thinset, installing floor and wall tile, making cuts, and grouting. The instructor will also explain the proper techniques for installing ceramic tile on countertops and stairs. Learn how to choose the right tile, what tools are needed, and how to estimate material.

Deck Building

Learn to plan, design, layout, and construct an outdoor deck. Materials are included in the course fee. This is a hands-on class, so students must provide and bring safety goggles.

Do-It-Yourself Room Building

Learn basic construction skills and save money in labor by taking this hands-on class. Students will create a layout, construct walls, hang and tape drywall, and install a door and trim. Other topics include how to choose the right tools and their proper use, how to figure materials for a project, how to procure a permit, how to install a suspended ceiling, and tips on scheduling electrical, plumbing, and HVAC work. Please bring a hammer and tape measure to class.

Learn to Be Your Own General Contractor

Learn the skills needed for general contracting your own home. Your savings can be from 20 to 40 percent. Explore what you need to know to develop, schedule, and finance your project.

How to Install Laminate Flooring

This exciting, new course teaches the proper techniques to install laminate flooring from start to finish. Topics covered will include how to figure quantities and costs of material, surface preparation, flooring and sound-proofing, insulation selection, proper installation and cutting, and proper care. This class is hands-on, so please bring safety glasses and a tape measure. Instruction also includes the proper way to install transition strips and base trim upon completion.

Ms. Fix It—Home Repairs

In just eight hours learn how to complete most common household repairs. Learn how to choose the right paint or stain, patch a wall, mount a wall shelf, repair a door, replace a door lockset, replace a faucet, repair a toilet, replace a light fixture and ceiling fan, replace an electrical outlet or switch, and more. With a little patience and information, you will be able to save money by doing the small repairs yourself. (Gentlemen, you are more than welcome, too.)


Home Improvement/Construction

Elements of Design I

This class introduces basic concepts of interior decorating including floor plans, textiles, case goods, window treatments, and accessories. K-Building is located on the north side of Vollmer Road, behind the car wash. Look for the "Construction Trades" sign on the building.


Interior Design

Elements of Design I

This class introduces basic concepts of interior decorating including floor plans, textiles, case goods, window treatments, and accessories. K-Building is located on the north side of Vollmer Road, behind the car wash. Look for the "Construction Trades" sign on the building.


Job Search Preparation

Here are some online courses related to the above subjects. Most classes start at $100. Please call (708) 709-3750 or visit

Résumé Writing Workshop

Create an effective résumé or improve the one you already have. Transform your résumé into a powerful tool to get interviews. This workshop leads participants through a self-assessment series to gain extensive knowledge about the product you are marketing—you! This course also covers the use of online resumes and Internet résumé secrets.

Twelve Steps to a Successful Job Search

Get the job you want quickly and easily in any economy. In this course, a world-renowned author and career advisor helps you identify the job that is best for your needs. Learn how to build rapport with any interviewer, both verbally and non-verbally, while mastering the six phases of a successful job interview.



Sign Language I

This is an introduction to sign language. Learn how to fingerspell as well as basic signs for everyday use at home, work, school, and leisure. Textbook included.

Sign Language II

Prerequisite: PILAN 003.

This course is a continuation of signs learned in Sign Language I. One project, a signed children’s book, will be completed. Same textbook as Sign Language I is used.

Chinese I

This class teaches words, phrases, and grammar that will make conversing easier. Class includes some writing instruction on the Chinese alphabet. Materials are included.

Chinese II

This class is a continuation of Chinese I. It focuses on speaking, listening, reading pinyin, and writing simplified Chinese characters. Course materials are included.

Spanish I

This class is for adults with little or no knowledge of Spanish. Textbook is included.

Spanish II

This course is a continuation of Spanish I. Learn to put Spanish phrases, sentences, and thoughts together. Same textbook as Spanish I is used.

Spanish III

Spanish III will enhance the communication skills in the target language at an advanced level. Speaking, reading, writing, and understanding will be the focus at a higher level in this course. Textbook is included.

Spanish for Child Care Facilities

This is a comprehensive program designed to provide functional Spanish language skills for child care facility personnel who have contact with Spanish-speaking parents and children. The program utilizes phonetic encoding to address the most important Spanish commands, questions and phrases critical to child care facilities. No prior knowledge of Spanish necessary.

 Here are some online courses related to the above subjects. Most classes start at $100. Please call (708) 709-3750 or visit

 Beginning Conversational French

This course teaches how to communicate easily and comfortably with those who speak French. Learn practical and common phrases to make your trip to the many French-speaking regions of the world more pleasant.

Instant Italian

This dynamic course makes learning Italian fun and surprisingly easy. Learn how to ask directions, book a room, order a meal, and much more. Phonetic spellings of each word make mastering punctuation a breeze.



Student Orientation for Non-Credit Medical Vocational Programs

Bring your questions, meet our staff and find out more about the programs. All students are required to attend. Orientations are held at the Matteson Area Center. Call (708) 709-3750 to register.

Please check current schedule for orientation dates and times.

Geriatric Home Services Workers Program

Learn the skills needed to take care of seniors in your community.
Basic training includes:

  • Personal hygiene and safety
  • Infection control
  • Communication for hard of hearing, dementia, and other special needs

For more  or call (708) 709-7866 for more information.

Clinical Medical Assistant

Instruction includes preparing patients for examination and treatment, routine laboratory procedures, diagnostic testing, technical aspects of phlebotomy, and the cardiac life cycle. Students will review important topics, including pharmacolology, the proper use and administration of medications, and proper lead placements, a professional workplace behavior, ethics, and the legal aspects of healthcare.

Medical Terminology

This class is intended for individuals who type, file, and process medical records in hospitals, clinics, insurance offices, or for dentists or physicians. Learn Latin and Greek roots of medical terms, along with definitions and proper use of medical terms. A good medical dictionary is recommended in addition to required textbooks. A textbook is required the first night of class and can be purchased at the Prairie State College Bookstore on the main campus in Chicago Heights.

Introduction to Health Information Technology

This course provides instruction in obtaining, using, and preserving medical records. Students also receive instruction in assembly of medical records and some analysis. A textbook is required the first night of class and can be purchased at the Prairie State College Bookstore on the main campus in Chicago Heights.

Health Unit Coordinator

Health Unit Coordinators interface daily with multidisciplinary hospital team members, answer phone calls, and manage medical orders for inpatients. This course covers how to transcribe doctors’ orders, coordinate workflow for a nursing unit, order necessary lab work, and diets. Students will also be introduced to processes that involve daily care of legal medical records, retrieving clinical lab results, and understanding patient privacy. Along with Microsoft Office, Keyboarding, and Medical Terminology, completion of this core of four classes will provide a vocational certificate. A textbook is required the first night of class and can be purchased at the Prairie State College Bookstore on the main campus in Chicago Heights.

Insurance Procedures

This course is an introductory medical insurance course. Topics of discussion include medical law and ethics, various types of insurance policies and coverage, deductibles, co-insurance, and procedures for completing the CMS-1500 form and other insurance forms. Emphasis is placed on categorizing insurance plans and defining insurance acronyms commonly used in health care practices. A textbook is required the first night of class and can be purchased at the Prairie State College Bookstore on the main campus in Chicago Heights.

Computerized Medical Billing

Prerequisite: GSMED 038 - Insurance Procedures, typing speed of 30 wpm and knowledge of computers/Windows

Students are introduced to computerized medical billing using the Lytec computerized billing software. Students will learn how to input patient information, schedule appointments, handle billing, produce reports, and process insurance claim forms electronically. A textbook is required the first night of class and can be purchased at the Prairie State College Bookstore on the main campus in Chicago Heights.

Introduction to CPT-4 Coding

Prerequisite: GSMED 017 - Medical Terminology

This course introduces the process of coding medical records with the use of the CPT coding system. The intent is to develop an understanding of coding and classification systems in order to assign valid CPT procedure codes. ICD-9-CM Coding cannot be taken at the same time as CPT-4 Coding. A textbook is required the first night of class and can be purchased at the Prairie State College Bookstore on the main campus in Chicago Heights.

Medical Administrative Assistant Certificate Program
  • Insurance Procedures GSMED 038
  • Medical Terminology GSMED 017
  • Keyboarding GSVS 091
  • Microsoft Office GSVS0 089
  • Medical Administrative Assistant GSMED 097
  • Spanish I PILAN 047
Introduction to ICD-9-CM Coding

Prerequisite: GSMED 017 - Medical Terminology and GSMED 045 - Introduction to CPT-4 Coding

This course introduces the process of coding medical records with the use of ICD-9-CM coding system. The intent is to develop an understanding of coding and classification systems in order to assign valid diagnostic or procedure codes. CPT-4 Coding cannot be taken at the same time as ICD-9-CM Coding. A textbook is required the first night of class and can be purchased at the Prairie State College Bookstore on the main campus in Chicago Heights.

Medical Central Service Technology

This course prepares participants for the national exam for Central Service for the Certification of Healthcare Sterile Processing and Distribution. Students will learn how to properly sterilize and store medical instruments. This course is intended to prepare individuals for all positions within the Central Sterile Processing Department.

Pharmacy Technician

This comprehensive 50-hour course prepares students to enter the pharmacy field and to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board’s (PTCB) exam. Technicians work in hospitals, home infusion pharmacies, community pharmacies, and other health care settings - working under the supervision of a registered pharmacist. Course content includes medical terminology specific to the pharmacy, reading, and interpreting prescriptions and defining drugs by generic and brand names. Learn dosage calculations, I.V. flow rates, drug compounding, dose conversions, dispensing of prescriptions, inventory control, and billing and reimbursement. [No senior discount]

Dialysis Technician

This 50-hour Dialysis Technician Program provides students with theoretical knowledge and classroom hands-on skills needed to perform both the clinical and technical duties required of Dialysis Technicians. Under the supervision of physicians and registered nurses, Dialysis Technicians operate kidney dialysis machines, prepare dialyzer reprocessing and delivery systems, as well as maintain and repair equipment. Technicians work with patients during dialysis procedures and monitor and record vital signs as well as administer local anesthetics and drugs as needed. Dialysis Technicians also must assess patients for any complications that occur during the procedure and must be ready to take necessary emergency measures including administering oxygen or performing Basic CPR. [No senior discount]

Billing/Coding Specialist

It is recommended that classes in the Billing/Coding Specialist program be taken in the following order:

Medical Terminology (prerequisite for CPT-4 Coding) GSMED 017

Introduction to Health Information Technology GSMED 033

Introduction to CPT-4 Coding (prerequisite for ICD-9-CM Coding) GSMED 045

Pathophysiology (prerequisite for ICD-9-CM Coding) GSMED 009

Introduction to ICD-9-CM Coding (prerequisite CPT-4 Coding and Pathophysiology) GSMED 047

Insurance Procedures  GSMED 038

Computerized Medical Billing* GSMED 040

Microsoft Office GSVS 089 Keyboarding GSVS 091

*Must have knowledge of computers/Windows before taking this class. Keyboarding and Microsoft Office may be taken at any time prior to Computerized Medical Billing.

Here are some online courses related to the above subjects. Most classes start at $100. Please call (708) 709-3750 or visit

Become a Veterinary Assistant

Do you like animals? Would you like to prepare for a career as a veterinary assistant? This course teaches the necessary information to counsel veterinary clients on pet nutrition, vaccinations, worms, fleas, first aid, euthanasia, and alternative medicine. Also, learn about billing, workplace safety, and marketing.




Wind Ensemble

This course provides the opportunity to study and perform significant concert band literature with an ensemble. No senior discount.

Jazz Ensemble I

Prerequisite: Instructor's Consent Required

This course consists of a small band ensemble playing with an emphasis on improvisation.

Vocal Jazz Ensemble

This course provides experience in singing jazz and other contemporary styles. No senior discount.

Building a Lucrative Career In Voice-Overs

Learn how to build a lucrative career in voice-overs for television and radio. This course is an excellent guide toward self-employment in advertising. Students are taught how to read various types of copy, audition for spots, compile a demo tape, and develop a winning product that agencies can’t resist.


Personal Development

Event Design from Concept to Creation

Are you responsible for organizing retreats, meetings, parties, staff educational programs or other important events? By taking time to plan, doing research, and understanding the details involved in event planning, you will be prepared to plan your next event with ease.

Relationship Empowerment

In this highly interactive workshop the seven deadly and seven caring habits of relationships are covered. Explore how males and females experience relationships and want different things from the relationship. Discuss the three possible relationship choices: leave it, change it, or accept it. Conflict resolution is demonstrated using different techniques. Bring a guest for free!

Empowerment Parenting

This workshop helps parents understand the psychology behind what is happening with children at various stages. Empowerment parenting teaches parents simple strategies for helping their children succeed and overcome challenges. Learn how to align themselves with their child’s resistance for increased cooperation and compliance. Bring a guest for free.

Getting What You Want In 2010!

Learn how to attain your goals with an effective time-tested system. Since attaining goals requires hard work and determination, this system provides built-in support and accountability. Learn how to identify goals, create a time management plan, and maintain balance in your life while maintaining a positive attitude and staying motivated. Bring a guest for free.

Becoming the Intentional You!

If you are interested in attending all (3) seminars: Relationship Empower ment, Empowerment Parenting, and Getting What You Want in 2010, then please register for the entire one-day program. Not only will you save $18, you can still. . .bring a guest for free.

CPR/AED and First Aid Training

This course teaches life-saving skills which include adult and pediatric CPR/AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) training, choking emergencies, blood-borne pathogens, and first aid. First aid skills covered include stopping bleeding, burn treatment, bone and joint injuries, and sudden illness. Learn about responding to emergencies, barrier devices, activating an EMS system, and chain of survival. Red Cross certification awarded upon completion of the course. This course is not for health care professionals.

Here are some online courses related to the above subjects. Most classes start at $100. Please call (708) 709-3750 or visit

Assisting Aging Parents

Are your parents in their golden years? Learning how to help parents or other loved ones through their transition can prepare us for our own. This compassionate and comprehensive course gives you the tools, techniques, and insights for this passage.

Outdoor Survival Techniques

Learn the essential skills you need to survive in a remote and/or stranded condition. Develop a survival kit, learn the proper usage of a map and compass, discover the secret to making fire without matches or lighters, learn how to purify any water source, and understand how to construct a shelter.

Goodbye to Shy

Want to learn how to overcome shyness? The ability to interact with others affects everything we do, from selecting a mate to advancing in our careers. Learn how to reduce anxiety, build self-esteem, and strike up conversations with others.

Get Assertive!

Are you tired of being intimidated and treated badly by others? Get the assertiveness training you need in order to be more confident and powerful with family members, friends, bosses, co-workers, professionals, service people, and even total strangers. It’s your turn to speak out!


Professional Development

Basic Week in Reality Therapy

This workshop explains the highly innovative ideas of Dr. William Glasser. Learn the new psychology of personal freedom called "Choice Theory," and how to become empowered by distinguishing between things that can be controlled and those that cannot. Receive practical advise on how to improve important relationships, how to become the person you want to be, and how to become more effective in counseling others. Come and learn useful information and have fun doing it.


Reading, Writing, and Fun Things

Here are some online courses related to the above subjects. Most classes start at $100. Please call (708) 709-3750 or visit

Merrill Ream Speed Reading

Are you struggling to keep up with the flood of e-mail, articles, reports, books, and other printed matter? Save yourself time by learning to read faster and with better comprehension from speed reading expert Dr. Merrill Ream.

Beginning Writer’s Workshop

If you’ve dreamed of writing creatively, this course is a great place to start. Improve your writing skills and discover new ways to stretch your creative muscles. This course is an in-depth writing experience filled with challenging hands-on exercises, expert advice, and plenty of direct support and encouragement..

Beginner’s Guide to Getting Published

Your success in the writing game will be determined by the amount of credibility publishers attach to you and your work. This course, taught by a published author, teaches you how to gain that credibility. Learn how to properly format manuscripts, write irresistible query letters, and submit your work to the publishers who want it..

Writing for Children

Join a published children’s author and discover how you can touch the hearts of children by creating books for them. In this highly interactive, hands-on course, you’ll take pen to paper and begin work on your first fiction or nonfiction manuscript. Learn the various formats – from baby’s first books to novels for young adults.

Breaking into Sitcom Writing

Learn from a veteran TV comedy show writer how to write professional sitcom scripts and how to break into show business. Master the art of creating a well-paced, actionpacked story and telling it completely in jokes. Learn to write dialogue that makes the audience laugh.

Drawing for the Absolute Beginner

Have you always been interested in drawing, but never really knew how to get started? If so, then this is definitely the course for you. Learn about drawing materials, set up procedures, lighting and rendering techniques, design and layout methods, and much more.

Travel Photography for the Digital Photographer

The lure of travel is surpassed only by the inevitable desire to bring home pictures and share your adventures. Join us and discover the world through a photographer’s eye. This course addresses the tools and tricks that enable digital photographers to capture scenes from around the world and bring them home.

Get Paid to Travel

Do you love to travel and enjoy working with individuals? A career as a professional tour director, tour guide, and cruise host may be the job for you! Learn about group tour procedures, documentation, and handling emergencies. Gain information on full and part-time career opportunities.

Wow, What a Great Event!

Learn how to create and coordinate successful special events. Develop skills, find resources, and gain confidence to plan and produce any size or type of event. Find out what the experts and master planners already know so that you can avoid those embarrassing and costly planning errors..

Get Funny!

Humor enhances everything you do, no matter whether you’re looking to deliver better presentations, increase your marketability as a writer, deliver more hits to a Web site, or simply become friendlier and more outgoing. This hilarious course will help you sharpen your wit.


Real Estate

See also Business for additional real estate classes.

Student Orientation for Non-Credit Real Estate Programs

Bring your questions, meet the instructors, and find out more about our programs. Students attending will be able to make a better decision regarding what real estate field is right for them. The orientation will be held at the Matteson Area Center, 4821 Southwick Drive, Matteson. Please call (708) 709-3750 to register.

Please check current schedule for orientation dates and times.
How to Survive Today’s Mortgage and Real Estate Market

With all the turmoil in the mortgage and real estate market, there is a definite need for education to better prepare prospective and existing homeowners on how to survive this volatile market. This four-hour seminar teaches how to make better decisions, whether you are thinking about buying a home or need to refinance. Our experts explain what you need to qualify for financing, what type of financing fits your situation, how to pick the right realtor for your buy or sell, the importance of an appraisal, getting your home ready for selling, and many more helpful hints to make your real estate transaction go smoothly. It is a reality that foreclosures are on the rise, so please take advantage of this free seminar to help you through this process. Please call (708) 709-3750 to register.

Sales & Brokers Pre-Licensing
Property Management

Optional broker course with instruction in fundamentals of tenant-management relationships, property modernization, property maintenance, leases, real property insurance, commercial property, industrial property, and advertising. Renting, leasing, rehabilitation, budgeting, marketing, and accounting also are covered. Textbook required.
Note: Attendance is mandatory per state regulations.

Real Estate Transactions

This course introduces the fundamentals of real estate. Topics covered include the nature of real estate and ownership, types of real estate opportunities, real estate financing, marketing, leasing, taxation, insurance development, appraisal, and state licensing laws. This course fulfills the pre-license education requirement to be eligible for the Illinois Real Estate Salesperson license exam. A textbook is required for the first class and can be purchased at the Prairie State College Bookstore on the main campus in Chicago Heights.
Note: Attendance is mandatory per state regulations.

Real Estate Appraisal Pre-Licensing
Basic Principles of Appraisal

Formerly IL-II. This course is a comprehensive introduction to the field of property appraisal. This is the first of three required pre-license courses needed to be eligible for the Illinois Associate Appraiser license exam. A textbook is required for the first class and can be purchased at the Prairie State College Bookstore on the main campus in Chicago Heights. Note: Attendance is mandatory per state regulations.

Basic Appraisal Procedures

Prerequisite: GSRE 072 - Basic Principles of Appraisal

Formerly IL-III. This course in real estate appraisal methods and procedures gives students a practical foundation for estimating market value by deepening understanding of appraisal theory and developing valuation skills. This is the second of three required pre-license courses needed to be eligible for the Illinois Associate Appraiser license exam. This course uses the same textbook required for GSRE-072.
Note: Attendance is mandatory per state regulations.

Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice

Prerequisite: GSRE 072 - Basic Principles of Appraisal

This course focuses on requirements for ethical behavior and competent performance by appraisers, as set forth in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, or USPAP. The curriculum conforms to the national USPAP 15-hour course as set by The Appraisal Foundation. This is the third of three required pre-license courses needed to be eligible for the Illinois Associate Appraiser license exam, and may be taken after, or concurrent with, GSRE-073. Textbooks are included in the course cost and are distributed at the first class.
Note: Attendance is mandatory per state regulations.

General Real Estate Classes
Mortgage Loan Officer Training I

This course is designed for individuals seeking or considering a career as a mortgage loan officer. Price includes Qualifier Plus IIIx calculator and study guides for both courses. This course, coupled with Mortgage Loan Officer Training II, prepares students for the state examination.

Mortgage Loan Officer Training II

This course is an extension of Mortgage Loan Officer Training I. Learn how to adjust to client situations and select the appropriate loan programs to fit the client’s unique situation. A Qualifier Plus IIIx calculator is included in the Level I class cost and is required for Level II. Legal aspects of the business are also discussed. This course, coupled with Mortgage Loan Officer Training I, prepares students for the state examination.

Home Inspection (Now Approved for Indiana)

This course is designed to fulfill the Illinois and Indiana state requirements for pre-license instruction for home inspectors. The class prepares students to take the state home inspector examination for Illinois or Indiana. There will be an onsite field day prior to final examination. All applicants for the home inspector license must be at least 21 years of age and must have a high school diploma or GED. Textbooks are included in the course fee and will be distributed at the first class. Please note: Attendance is mandatory per state regulations. K-Building is located on the north side of Vollmer Road, behind the car wash. Look for the "Construction Trades" sign on the building.

Creative Financing And Investment in Real Estate

Learn new ways to finance real estate investments and how to find real estate investment opportunities. The class covers limited partnerships, wrap-around mortgages, refinancing, trade and exchange of properties, pledges, and construction loans.

Buying Real Estate Foreclosures

A foreclosure is a legal procedure in which property pledged as security is sold to satisfy a debt. This class will cover the different types of foreclosures and how to buy them based on Illinois law.



OSHA 10-Hour Training Course

This 10-hour General Industry OSHA program covers mandated safety and health standards for OSHA. This includes walking and working surfaces, means of egress and fire protection, electrical, and other related topics. Upon successful completion, a 10-hour OSHA safety card will be awarded.

Electrical Safety

Basic electrical dangers and safety precautions that should be observed when working with electricity or electrical circuits are studied. Safety procedures are emphasized along with the purpose of fuses, circuit breakers, disconnect boxes, insulation, and grounding.

Industrial Safety

Safety training for those in industrial plants are studied. Topics include tool and machine safety, lockout/tag out procedures, fire protection, eye safety, basic electrical safety, ladder safety, government safety regulations, and general safety practices.


Security Training

Security Officer Training

This course prepares students for Illinois state certification as unarmed security officers. Students will learn asset protection, patrols, report writing, ethics and conduct, public relations, fire and life safety, emergency situations, and crime prevention. Students are responsible for fingerprinting and application fees.


Senior Citizens

Understanding Medicare, Parts A, B, and Supplemental Coverage

A representative from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois "Service in the Neighborhood" program explains the basics of Medicare in an easy to

Senior Services

South Suburban Senior Services of Catholic Charities is the local senior services agency for people who are 60 or older who live in Bloom, Bremen, Calumet, Thornton, and Rich Townships. During this session, learn about the many free and discounted services available for seniors in South Suburban Cook County; family members and caregivers learn where to obtain information and assistance for their loved ones. Links to services, such as home delivered meals, in-home assistance, transportation, and other services.

Senior Living — Truth vs. Fiction

This seminar is to educate seniors and their families on the options available whether seniors should remain in their home or not. Discussion includes housing options, selling homes, and reverse mortgages. Please call (708) 709-3750 to reserve your seat at this very important, informational seminar.

Financial Assistance and Benefit Programs For Seniors

Many older people need help paying for their living expenses and other basic needs. Millions of older Americans are eligible for benefits that they are NOT receiving from federal, state, and local programs. There are many public programs available for seniors with limited income and resources. This session provides information about senior benefit programs that provide help paying for prescription drug costs, nutrition-food, income supplements, assistance with utility and energy bills, financial assistance, lower medical and health care expenses, property taxes, and more.

Understanding Medicare Part D

This seminar gives you the information you need to know about Medicare Part D. Find out about enrollment periods, formulary guidelines, initial coverage amounts, the gap, and catastrophic coverage.


Sports & Fitness

Aerobics I—Pilates/Yoga/Walking

Designed for the beginning exercise enthusiast with the emphasis on walking and pilates.

Aerobics II—Step Aerobics/Kickboxing

An intermediate workout combining step aerobics, kickboxing, and toning exercises.

Aerobics III — Aqua Aerobics

A workout combining aerobics and toning exercises in the challenging environment of the pool.

Aerobics IV—Boot-Camp Style

A workout combining aerobic dance, boot-camp style, or indoor cycling.


Basic rules and fundamentals of golf.

T’ai Chi for Your Health

This is an easy to do, tried and true, centuries old, non-strenuous body and mind conditioner. Learn simple patterns of movement, combined with breathing awareness and t’ai chi principles. The movements are soft and relaxing and resemble an oriental ballet. T’ai chi can help maintain strength, build strength, and help students relax. Whenever possible, movements are done to soft, soothing, and relaxing music.

Karate (Ages 7 to Adult)

This course will teach basic self-defense, traditional Tae Kwon Do, Katas, Kobudo (the art of ancient weaponry) and physical fitness. It also will help build self-esteem, self-discipline, and confidence. Learn defense tactics and get in shape.

Karate Plus

This class is for high energy individuals interested in improving karate skills. For a slight additional cost, students receive "twice" the number of instructional sessions as in the standard Karate course.

Muay Thai—Martial Arts

This course teaches effective self-defense techniques using the principles of Muay Thai. Learn striking combinations, basic blocking techniques, and how to handle various selfdefense situations. Get in shape while learning a new form of martial arts.


Sustainable Future—Think Green

Creating a Sustainable Future

There is "The Perfect Storm" of environmental, economic, and political disaster looming at the edge of all of our plans. If the full impact of global warming, fundamentalist terrorism, oil addiction, massive inequalities of wealth, worldwide financial schemes, and budget and trade deficits all break at the same time, our communities must be prepared to react. This three-hour seminar reviews what we can do to weather the storm and how to create a career that helps forge a better world on the other side of the challenges. These are world wide problems, but the solutions are local and personal. Discussion includes:

  • An update to the inconvenient truth
  • Producing renewable energy in the Midwest
  • Manufacturing renewable energy equipment
  • Regional food production
  • Clean and safe water
  • Decision-making with systems analysis

Please join us at this free seminar to share your thoughts and ideas on such important
issues taking center stage in our world today. Please call (708) 709-3750 to register.

Helping Teachers Instruct High School Students on How to Create a Sustainable Future And Career

This seminar covers much of the same subject matter discussed in the "Creating a "Sustainable Future" seminar. We invite all teachers and administrators from the elementary schools, junior high and high schools, community colleges, and universities to take part in this seminar to help ensure there will be a sustainable future for the generations to follow. It is very important that we educate and inform our students about the growing concerns we have about our environment and natural resources. We need to let our students know that new career paths have been developed due to these issues facing the world today. Please call (708) 709-3750 to register.



Teen Success Program

Preparation for high school and college may be scary for many teens. This course focuses on accelerating personal development and leadership skills for grades 8-12. Students participate in exercises and assignments to boost productivity and build self confidence. This course is an excellent solution to enhance student performance during the school year and beyond. Course materials are included in the cost.



Medi-Car and Service Car Transportation Vehicle Training

The Illinois Dept. of Healthcare and Family Services is now requiring drivers and employee attendants of Medi-car, and other service car providers who transport participants of the department’s medical assistance programs, to complete a safety training program. This class fulfills the state’s CE requirement for these employees, which is renewable every three years. The four-hour training class covers the following topics:

  • Passenger Assistance
  • Safe Driving, Safe Operation, and Emergency Procedures
  • Bloodborne Pathogens

Tuition fee includes class materials and a three-year certification card.

Attention Transportation Providers:

For information on having a class taught at your location, please call Mike Moody at (708) 709-7711 or e-mail

Truck Driver Training