2014 Softball Season

Mar. 18Tues.3:30 p.m.Kankakee Community College (DH)PSC Postponed to Mar. 28  
Mar. 19Wed.3:30 p.m.South Suburban College (DH)PSC  Postponed  
Mar. 20Thurs.3:30 p.m.Ancilla College (IN) (DH)Donaldson, IN  Postponed  
Mar. 23Sun.1 p.m.Lake Land CollegeMatoon, IL 0-22, 1-230-2 N/A
Mar. 24Mon.1 p.m.Carl Sandburg College (DH)Galesburg, IL 7-17, 1-80-4N/A
Mar. 28Fri.3:30 p.m.Kankakee Community CollegePSC

(Rescheduled from Mar. 18)

Postponed to April 18
Mar. 29Sat.12 p.m.Triton College (DH)River Grove, IL 11-8, 10-62-4 N/A
Apr. 1Tues.3:00 p.m.Morton College (DH)Cicero, IL Postponed to  April 24
Apr. 2Wed.3:30 p.m.South Suburban College (DH)South Holland, IL 3-4 2-5N/A
Apr. 3Thurs.3:30 p.m.College of Lake County (DH)PSC Postponed  
Apr. 5Sat.12 p.m.Rock Valley College (DH)Rockford, IL0-12, 1-82-7 N/A
Apr. 7Mon.3:30 p.m.Oakton Community College (DH)PSC4-3, 9-04-72-0
Apr. 8Tues.3:30 p.m.Waubonsee Community College (DH)Sugar Grove, IL0-8, 5-94-92-2
Apr. 10Thurs.3 p.m.McHenry County College (DH)Crystal Lake, IL9-0, 7-26-94-2
Apr. 11Fri.3:30 p.m.Joliet Junior College (DH)PSC9-1, 11-14 7-10N/A
Highland East/West Tournament
Apr. 12Sat.9 a.m.Rock Valley CollegeFreeport, IL2-97-11N/A
Apr. 12Sat.12 p.m.Madison CollegeFreeport, IL1-77-12N/A
Apr. 13Sun.12 p.m.Joliet Junior CollegeFreeport, IL6-77-13N/A
Apr. 13Sun.2 p.m.College of DuPageFreeport, IL3-117-14N/A
Apr. 15Tues.3:30 p.m.Moraine Valley Community College (DH)PSC Postponed  
Apr. 16Wed.3:30 p.m.College of Lake CountyPSC 6-7, 5-97-16 4-4
Apr. 18Fri.3:30 p.m.Kankakee Community CollegePSC 1-11, 4-9 7-18 N/A
Apr. 22Tues.3:30 p.m.Moraine Valley Community CollegePSC 2-5, 0-8 7-204-6
Apr. 23Wed.3:30 p.m.College of DuPage (DH)Glen Ellyn, IL 8-3, 5-6 7-22 N/A
Apr. 24Thurs.3:30Morton College (DH)Cicero, IL 8-0, 6-4 9-22 6-6
Apr. 26Sat.12 p.m.Sauk Valley Community College (DH)PSC4-3, 0-10 10-23 N/A
Apr. 27 Sun.12 p.m.Kishwaukee Community College (DH)PSC 1-2, 3-2 11-24 N/A
Apr. 28Mon.TBANJCAA Region IV PlayoffTBA   
NJCAA Region IV Tournament
Apr. 29Tues.1:30 p.m.


vs. Moraine Valley Community College

Palos Hills, IL 3-6, 8-5, 4-5 12-26 N/A
May 2-3Fri. & Sat.TBAFinalsTBA   
May 14-17Wed.-Sat.TBANJCAA ChampionshipClinton, MS