Sexual Health

You can protect yourself from unintended pregnancies or sexually transmitted infections (STIs) by practicing safe sex, or by practicing abstinence. Health Promotion Programming can provide you with information regarding your sexual health. We aspire to encourage safer sexual practices, practice healthy relationships, and promote safer practices that will not hinder your academic capabilities as a student. Male and female condoms along with lubricant are available free of charge at the Health Stop Table located in the Health Promotion Programming Office, room 1180.

HIV Testing is available each month and provided by Christian Community Health Center. Testing will occur on Tuesday this semester on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, November 13- 10am-2pm
  • Tuesday, December 4-10am-2pm

Personal STD Risk Assessment
The following link takes you to an anonymous STD assessment tool called "STD Wizard". This tool allows you to answer questions specific to your lifestyle to find your STD risk:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The Centers for Disease Control provides information on various sexually transmitted infections as well as tips for safer sexual practices. provides information on herpes and HPV.