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Prairie State College Diversity Statement

The Board of Trustees adopted the Diversity Statement on November 29, 2005. This resolution affirms the College’s effort to foster an atmosphere on campus where diversity is acknowledged, accepted and encouraged.

Prairie State College recognizes the diversity of students, faculty, staff and community as an integral part of life long learning. We are committed to building and maintaining an inclusive, accessible and supportive environment on campus. Prairie State College embraces the diversity of individual beliefs and opinions, and supports diversity in religion, gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, age and socioeconomic status. The College will adhere to policies and procedures which discourage harassment and other behaviors that infringe upon the freedom and respect every individual deserves.

The Multicultural Affairs office serves all students, but has specialized programs to assist African-American, Hispanic and other ethnic students as part of the College’s solid commitment to promoting a multicultural environment. The office develops recruitment, retention, mentoring and transfer trips for this targeted population. In compliance with the College’s Strategic Agenda Recruitment and Retention efforts, this office is charged with increasing student enrollment, particularly in the Hispanic community, and with improving student success, especially African American males, through advising and mentoring through our Male Success Initiative (MSI).

Si desa información en español sobre nuestros programs, favor de comunicarse con Esther Pacheco al (708) 709-3503.

The Department of Student Life and Multicultural Affairs encompasses several areas which contribute to student development and learning by offering opportunities to participate in civic engagement and student leadership.

The administrative office for this department is located in Room 1180.


Felix Simpkins, Dean of Student Development and Campus Life, (708) 709-3518, Room 1200


William Berkley, Coordinator, Male Success Initiative (MSI), (708) 709-2946, Office 1164


Darcelle Dieudonné, Retention Coordinator, Health Promotion, (708) 709-7988, Room 1182 (Student Life and Multicultural Affairs)


Helen Manley, Coordinator of Student Life, (708) 709-3910, Room 1260 (Student Leadership Center)


Esther Pacheco, Coordinator Events Programming (Bilingual Spanish), (708) 709-3503, Room 1180 (Student Life and Multicultural Affairs)


Sean Smith, Academic Advisor, Academy for Excellence in Math, Science - Bioscience Initiative 709-3912, Room 2636


Jennica Rodriquez, Hispanic Outreach Specialist/Enrollment Advisor (708) 709-3510, Room 1140


On-site Community Partner:

Eugene Dumas, Executive Director of the Center for Multicultural Communities, (708) 709-3797, Room 2193 (Civic Engagement Center)