2013 Special Guests

Doug Rice | Don Hyun | Shannon Valentine | Cally Soukup and Cassy Beach | Windy City Wizard | Dr. Karen Nagel | John Ickes | Jody Lynn Nye | Kevin Fair | Michael Z. Williamson will not be attending due to a scheduling conflict | 

Doug Rice, Animator Special Guest

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the greattime I had as a “Special Guest” at Maneki Neko Con 1…and, please note the “1” as I’m sure there will be another next year. I’ve been to a good many conventions as either fan, convention organizer, gopher, or guest, so trust me when I say that the group you put together was stellar and the con itself was as good a first con as I’ve seen since WindyCon 1*..."   "... rest assured the word will get out among local fans as to the high quality of con hospitality and fan savvy…enough to increase next year’s attendance considerably. I certainly will do my part in promoting Meneki Neko Con’s return…"    "Please pass on my best regards to ... your team for a job well done. I may have been the oldest guy there, but I felt young again – all fannish and gooey. That alone made it worth attending. Until next time, I remain…

as ever,

- Doug Rice, Maneki Neko Con 2012

*(please note that WindyCon just celebrated their 39th convention this past November)

Don Hyun, Marital Arts Special Guest



Shannon Valentine. Artist Guest of Honor

Dr. Karen Nagel, Special Guest - Cloning

Cally Soukup and Cassy Beach. FAN Guests of Honor

Windy City Wizard - Special guest

John Ickes - Guest of Dis-Honor

The title of "Guest of Dis-Honor" is reserved for those talented and quirky individuals that also work with adult content which is not disclosed here due to the "family friendly" nature of our event. We think our Guests of Dis-Honors do have quite a bit to share with us that transcends genre so you can grow as an artist/writer/creator from their experiences.


Jody Lynn Nye - Author Guest of Honor

Jody Lynn Nye lists her main career activity as ‘spoiling cats.’ When not engaged upon this worthy occupation, she writes fantasy and science fiction books and short stories. [more ... ]

Kevin Fair - Gaming Guest of Honor