Art Show

Want To Participate in the Art Show?

We are excited to give students and professionals the chance to show off their talent and sell their work. You may enter art for our contest; list it for sale, or both. There is no current limit on the numbers of entries you can submit, however if we do fill up the whole art show, we may institute a limit to be fair in showing as many artists as possible.


Artwork submitted should be anime, sci-fi, furry, or fantasy themed. We ask that there be no excessive gore or violence, no nudity, and no vulgar language. In short, try to keep everything family friendly. If you have any questions about the content of your art then feel free to email us at We reserve the right to refuse to hang any art that we think does not meet the above requirements. If we refuse to hang your art, we will refund your hanging fee for that art.


There will be five awards given out for artwork:

  1. Best Junior Artist, Junior High School Students
  2. Best Young Artist, High School Students
  3. Best Young Adult Artist, College Students (maximum age 24)
  4. Best in Show (all ages including professional)
  5. Best Cloned entry (see below for detail)

Aside from the content guidelines above, artwork entered in this competition should have a cloned theme; meaning something must be duplicated at least once. For example, a main idea should be “cloned,” or you can feature twins and multiples in your entry. Good Luck!

Fees & Profits

There is a hanging fee for all art in the show. Pictures to be sold for up to $99 will be $0.50 each to hang. Pictures that are for sale for $100 or more, or not for sale (NFS), will cost $1.00 each to hang. In addition, any art that we sell for you will be subject to a 10% commission based off of the sale price. If you have any profits from the show, we will mail a check out to you once we have processed the receipts.

Print Shop

We will have limited space for prints. Items must conform to all above content requirements and be a print (not original). We reserve the right to display them in any fashion that is accessible to the attendees; however, we do not guarantee that your items will have wall space. These items in the print shop will NOT be judged in the art contest; however, if the original is in the show, we will judge the original. Items in print shop may have multiple copies. We will not charge a hanging fee for these items, only the 10% commission on any item that sells. If your item does not sell, there is no cost to you except for any cost associated with mail-in and/or hand delivery (see below).

Charity Auction

If you would like to donate artwork to our charity auction, please contact us at You may choose to donate to the American Cancer Society, PSC Maneki Neko Scholarship, or to have the proceeds split between the two. Just let us know what you would prefer or we will split them 50/50.

Mailed-in & Hand-delivered Work

Artwork may be dropped off at Prairie State College starting Monday, September 16 till Wednesday, September 25 with completed paperwork and payment. Contact us and let us know, within those specified dates, you will be dropping off your art. It will be your responsibility to pick up any unsold/not for sale art on Sunday, September 29, between 11am-2pm. Some artwork may be available for pickup on Saturday night between 5pm and 6pm. So if you are at the convention, we encourage you to check in with us at 5pm.

We also accept mail-in art (sent to Prairie State College, Attn: Maneki Neko Con) that arrives with completed paperwork and payment included in the package, delivered no earlier than Sept 10th, 2013 as we do not have room to store art for any longer than that. If you will not be able to pick up your art in person, you may provide us with pre-paid return postage before the end of the convention so that we can mail it back to you. Abandoned art If your art sold, but was not picked up, we will attempt to contact the buy for two weeks. If we cannot reach them, we will ship it back but deduct the shipping from your sales. If your art is unsold, you will be contacted and if you do not pay for return postage within 2 weeks, the art is forfeit.


We want to run the best show possible for YOU, all of our artists. We can’t do this alone - we need your help! If you want to volunteer to work for the art show, shoot us an email. We could always use an extra set of hands. Working staff will give you experience and allow you to apply for our PSC college scholarship. Only have a few hours? Register to be a gopher for the art show and you may earn a free badge for 2014! Thank you for helping us to run a great art show with YOUR art!


Artist Registration Form

Art Show Control Sheet (put all your pieces on this form)

Fill out one per piece