Campus Programming Board


About Campus Programming Board

The Campus Activities Board is new. It started in the Fall 2008. In the past, programming was done through the Student Government Association. The Programming is an entity of Student Government, and will have several members and officers on the Board.

The Programming Board is responsible for bringing programs and activities to the students. There will be a variety of events, including:

  • Cultural
  • Musical
  • Novelty
  • Educational
  • Health & Wellness
  • Social
  • Charitable/Fundraisers
  • Competitions


Programming Board Chair: Yesenia Garcia
Co-Chair: TBD
Other Board Members: Stephanie Asauskas

Past Events

  • Involvement Fest
  • Holiday Cheer
  • Earth Week
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrations
  • Black History Month Celebrations
  • Stress Relief Events
  • Tailgate for Scholarships