Student Club Mission Statements

Art Club | Advisor: Lou Shields

All Latin Alliance | Advisor: Jennica Rodriguez

All Latin Alliance is a club that provides students an opportunity for a forum for student issues, to offer the opportunity for leadership development in individuals and to provide Social, Cultural and Education awareness of the Hispanic culture to the students of Prairie State College

Anime Club | Advisor: Rebecca Weeks

It is our endeavor to share our love of all types of Anime from around the world as well as Science Fiction. We will pursue knowledge of these genres in books, art, gaming, costuming, cinema, and other mediums. We will share our knowledge and passion with others. We will help others pursue this knowledge and hone their skills in these genres by creating and sponsoring a Maneki Neko Convention on or off campus. This convention will help promote knowledge, shared passions, and a social environment where persons can feel accepted with their interests in Art, Costuming, Gaming, and writing of all family friendly thing in the following genres: Anime, Japanese Culture, Sci-Fi, Furry, Fantasy, and Steam Punk. A Maneki Neko Con Scholarship will also be established at PSC to run annually as long as our Maneki Neko Convention is running.

Auto Club | Advisor: Anthony Gumushian

The purposes of the Prairie State Auto club are:

  • to promote auto engineering and technology skills
  • help repair cars for both members of students and non-students, and to educate about car maintenance
  • to explore new technologies
  • participate in car shows/seminars
  • attend and participate in car races.

Black Student Union | Advisor: Helen Manley

The Prairie State College Black Student Union is a social club that sponsors events, provides leadership opportunities, encourages networking and spread human liberation to the community and beyond.
Purpose: The Black Student Union's purpose is to embrace and assist individuals to be a positive force in the College and community while striving for social and academic excellence.

Campus Programming Board | Advisor: Helen Manley

The purpose of the CPB shall be to serve and unify the interests of the students, faculty and staff of Prairie State College and the College through effective programming and policy recommendations for the Student Government Association.

Chess Club | Advisor: Paula Bulaon

The mission of Prairie State College Chess Club is to promote the game of chess within Prairie State College. To accomplish this goal, our chess club will provide a comfortable place for any Prairie State student to come and enjoy learning, teaching, and playing the game of chess with other students with the same interest.

Culture Club | Advisor: Teresa McCann

The purpose of the Study Abroad Club (Culture Club) is to inform students about various study abroad opportunities available to them at Prairie State. This information will include, but is not limited to pamphlets [provided by Teresa McCann], scholarship information, and other financial information. Students who need help obtaining and filling out applications regarding studying abroad and study abroad scholarships will be able to do so with the help of the Study Abroad Club and its officers. The club also plans to hold fundraisers and student activities which will help active and loyal members of the Study Abroad Club (Culture Club) pay for their trip abroad.

Dental Hygiene | Advisor: Denise Janusz

The mission of this Organization shall be to cultivate, promote and sustain the art and science of the dental hygiene profession, and to contribute toward the improvement of the health of the public.

Entrepreneurs of America | Advisor: George Jennings

Our mission is to cultivate and promote successful entrepreneurs here at PSC - entrepreneurs who then become economic engines in their own neighborhoods.

Etel Billig Theatre Society | Advisor: Justin Vidovic

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) | Advisor: LaLinda De La Fuente

The purposes of the Prairie State College Gay-Straight Alliance are:

  • To promote equality for gay, lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, transsexual, questioning students and peer supporters within Prairie State College.
  • To provide a safe environment to gay, lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, transsexual, questioning students and peer supporters to meet and discuss related issues and events/happenings.
  • To serve as a forum for those with questions.

Label Us Able | 

Our mission is to teach adults with intellectual disabilities to grow, and learn how to speak up for themselves in the world. Some ideas I thought might be good to start with are:

  • Join the Alliance for change ( a larger self-advocacy group to help smaller self-advocacy groups fund their activities
  • Organize a walk-a-thon
  • have lights and sidewalks put in Crete subdivisions behind Kohl's
  • Have towns that are not part of an organization that supplies recreational services to people with disabilities try to have them join
  • Go to "Speak up Speak Out" conference

and many more fun activities!

Nursing | Advisor: Tina Parks

The purpose of the Nursing Club is to promote relationships among Nursing Students, share current trends with fellow students and the community, and promote philanthropy.

Pre-Pharmacy Club | Advisor: Christine Brooms

Phi Theta Kappa | Advisor: Justin Pariseau

We, Nu Sigma Chapter, aim for excellence in the fulfillment of the Hallmarks of Phi Theta Kappa by providing opportunities for the development of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Fellowship.

Photo Society | Advisor: Michael Maddox

The PSC Photo Society is a not-for-profit club organized to promote the craft of photography by stimulating the interests of students and citizens of the surrounding communities.

Pioneer Peer Educators | Advisor: Darcelle Dieudonne

We, the Pioneer Peer Education Group, are a select group of trained students committed to the betterment of lives through knowledge and empowerment. We are peer educators striving to achieve this goal through means of an active network of passionate individuals who work individually and as a team to positively impact the campus community; providing the resources and means to establish foundations for leading healthy lifestyles.

Political Science Club | Advisor: Andy Schott

As the students of Prairie State College who wish to promote the knowledge and understanding of government policies and how the world works in respect to the ways in which it is governed and controlled. We hereby enact and establish this constitution for the governing of the Prairie State College Political Science Club.

Protege | Advisor: William Berkley

PSI Beta Honor Society | Advisor: Cynthia Cornejo

Psi Beta National Honor society mission is professional development of psychology students through promotion and recognition of excellence in scholarships, leadership, research, and community service. 

Student Government Association (SGA) | Advisor: Helen Manley

We, the students of Prairie State College, in order to promote education and student interests, to protect students’ rights, and to ensure student representation, do hereby enact and establish this constitution for the governing of the Prairie State College Student Government Association.

Student Review Newspaper | Advisor: Helen Manley

Mission statement: United, The Student Review will be comprised of currently enrolled students. We, as a joint team, will strive to provide and express accurate information for the student body concerning the College, current events, the students concerns as well as their interests.

Sustainability Club | Advisor: Allessandra Cairo

The purpose of this club shall be to raise environmental awareness and create behavioral change within the student body and PSC to create a sustainable culture. The Club shall use all available fundraising capabilities of PSC to bring sustainability to campus, with the ultimate goal of creating a truly Sustainable Campus and improving social/environmental justice for all

Veterans Club | Advisor: Andy Schott

Our purpose is to fulfill the needs of veterans and to create an environment dedicated to veteran support. Though our main focus is our veterans we also realize how essential everyone is in terms of support. This is a task that Veterans are not able to do alone, so any help that is provided by anyone is both respected and greatly appreciated.