2014 Deadline and
Distribution Dates*

Articles and ads due by 4 p.m. on the Deadline dates.
  • Deadline: March 9
    Distribution: March 17
  • Deadline: April 6
    Distribution: April 14
  • Deadline: April 27
    Distribution:May 5


*Publication frequency is subject to change in the Spring 2014 semester


Advertising and Deadline Dates

Advertising Flat Rates & Sizing

1/4 page5.5 x 8.5 in11 x 4.25 in$50
1/2 page11 x 8.5 in5.5 x 17 in$100
3/4 page11 x 12.25 in17 x 8.25$135
Full Page11 x 17 in17 x 11 in$175
Two-page spread22 x 17 in17 x 22 in$275
Classified Ad Space2 x 2 in $15
1/4 page or larger ad, half price;
or 4" X 4" ad Free to all PSC Students, Staff and Faculty
Send advertisement requests to: psc_layouteditor@yahoo.com


In the event that we have extra ad space, we may upgrade your ad to the next size up. However, you will not be charged more than your original advertisement request.

All ads are subject to approval. No positions are guaranteed, but all will be honored if possible. All bills are due immediately. Accounts over 60 days past due will not be permitted to advertise until paid.


If you have any questions regarding advertising in the Student Review, please call James McCoyne or Shawn Granberg at (708) 709-3535 or Helen Manley at (708) 709-3910.

For more information about the PSC Student Review contact: James McCoyne at jmccoyne@students.prairiestate.edu, Editor-In-Chief.

Advisor: Helen Manley, hmanley@prairiestate.edu Newsroom (708) 709-3535


ALL deadline dates have a FINAL turn-in time of 4 p.m. That means if you do not have your submission in by the deadline date at 4 p.m., it will NOT be in the upcoming issue (unless arranged with me in advance). This is a deadline, which means it is the LAST day to turn items in. Please plan on turning submission in BEFORE the deadline and this will help to ensure our distribution schedule. Commitments not kept effect the paper as a whole.

Thank you for your dedication --James McCoyne - EIC