Student Review Staff

  • Editor-In-Chief: Adonis Dees
  • News Editor: Samantha Adindu
  • Advertising Manager: Shane Pfeifer
  • Fashion Editor: Vacant
  • Layout Editor: Vacant
  • Copy Editor: Vacant
  • Entertainment Editor: Vacant
  • Sports Photographer: Vacant
  • Public Relations Director: Vacant
  • SGA Rep: Vacant
  • Staff Writers and Photographers: Vacant

To submit articles for the Student Review, please e-mail them to

The Student Review is currently looking for:

  • Experienced Layout and Design Person to design and prepare the paper for printing.
    Software: Adobe Suite 5 and 6; Adobe Photoshop
  • We are always looking for dedicated students in these areas:
    Writers, Reporters, Photographers, Section Editors, Cartoonists


Helen Manley
Professor William Sluis
Newsroom: (708) 709-3535


Student Review:
Newsroom: (708) 709-3535