Enrollment Requirements

Please do not complete enrollment forms until your child has been accepted at the Children’s Learning Center.  Once your child has been accepted, the following information is required prior to the child’s start date.

Contract for Hours (pdf)

Enrollment Application Form

Medical report
A medical report dated less than six months prior to enrollment for two –five year olds.  If the child transfers from another day care center, the medical report may be used if it is less than one year old.  The medical report must include immunizations and a screening or assessment for lead poisoning.

For school-age children we need a copy of the most recent regularly scheduled school physical.

If a child has a food allergy a Medical Exception Statement for Food Substitution must be completed by the physician. 

Birth Certificate
All children must have a certified copy of the child's birth certificate or other reliable proof of identity and age of the child. The center will make a duplicate and return the original certified copy. The Children's Learning Center is required by law to notify the Illinois State Police or local law enforcement agency if the parent or guardian fails to submit proof of the child's identity within the first 30 days.

Food Program
We ask that all families read and complete the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Application. For additional information concerning this program and other State of Illinois programs, please review these materials:

Summary of Licensing Standards for Day Care Centers
After you have read the Licensng Standard for Day Care Centers, print and complete the Verification of Receipt, indicating that you have read this document.

Parent Handbook (pdf)
Every parent is responsible for the information found in the Parent Handbook (pdf)