COMPASS Prep Workshops


Feeling nervous about writing the COMPASS essay?
Want to know how to get the "edge" that could place you into English 099 or 101?
Need a "refresher" on essay structure and development before taking the placement exam?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then the Pre-COMPASS Essay Workshop is for you!

Essay Test Prep Workshops

At this workshop, an English instructor will discuss:
  • Best practices for taking essay exams
  • Essay structure and development
  • Stages of the writing process
  • General advice on grammar

No reservations are needed.

Simply bring a notebook, a pen, and the motivation to do your best!

Math Test Prep Workshops

New: Online COMPASS Algebra Workshop with over 4 1/2 hours of instructional videos.

These workshops are for students who want to brush up on their algebra skills before taking the COMPASS Math Placement Test, or who placed into MATH 090 or MATH 095 but think they have the skills to take MATH 112.

Algebra (to advance from MATH 085, 090, or 095 to 100-level courses)

Wed.Jan. 152-4:20 p.m.3290

Geometry (to avoid taking MATH 096 required for 100-level courses)

Wed.Jan. 154:30-6 p.m.3290

Students are strongly encouraged to work with the online workshop before the in-class workshop, and come with questions! After the workshop, take or retake your COMPASS exam ASAP on 1/16 or 1/18 to sign up for SPRING 2014 courses beginning 1/21.

For more information:

Kisha Wells
(708) 709-3547

Brian Garant
(708) 709-7911

Alysse (Lisa) Hansen
(708) 709-3507
Office 2635

Maria Villanueva
(708) 709-3558