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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Tuition Per Credit Hour

Tuition Group Tuition Fees
In-District Residents and Companies $143.50 tuition + $30.50 fee = $174 per credit hour
Out-of-District Residents $358.75 tuition + $30.50 fee = $389.25 per credit hour
Out-of-State/International Students $430.50 tuition + $30.50 fee = $461.00 per credit hour
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Lake County Discount

Lake County Discount $173.50 tuition + $30.50 = $204 per credit hour



General Credit hour fees (detail): $30.50

Athletic Fee Athletic Fee (ATHFE) $4.00 ($3.50 per credit hour; $.50 Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference): This fee is allocated to support PSC athletic programs and facilities.
Educational Fund Fee Educational Fund Fee (EDUFE) $2.00 per credit hour: This fee is allocated to support our education fund which is for costs directly related to student educational programs.
Extracurricular Fee Extracurricular Fee (EXCFE) $.25 per credit hour: This fee is allocated to support extra activities, like student government.
Late Registration Fee There is a $20 fee, if you register after a course begins
Technology Fee

Technology Fee (TECFE) $15.00 per credit hour: This fee is allocated to support the technology systems and upgrades for technology services and equipment.

Student Activity/Service Fee Student Activity/Service Fee (STDFE)   $.25 per credit hour: This fee is allocated to support student organizations.
Infrastructure Fee Infrastructure Fee (INFFE)  $9.00 per credit hour: This fee is allocated to support the cost of maintaining buildings, parking lots, and grounds.
Healthcare Course Fee There is a $75 per credit hour surcharge for Nursing, Physical Therapy Assistant, Dental Hygiene, and Surgical Technology classes
Internet Course Fee There is a $20 fee, per course, for Internet courses.

 *Some courses require an additional lab fee. Depending on the course, fees range from $5 to $65 per semester. Please refer to the current semester course schedule to view fees for specific courses.

Special Tuition Discounts

Note: For all tuition discounts, a $10 registration fee applies.
Tuition for Senior Citizens Senior citizens (65 years of age or older) who reside in Illinois Community College District 515 are permitted to enroll in any credit course (on a graded basis only) offered at PSC at no charge for tuition. However, if you wish to audit a course, full tuition payment is required. Payment will be required for any necessary books, laboratory fees, or materials used in classes. You must present proof of age at the Enrollment Services Office. For more information, Contact Enrollment Services at (708) 709-3516.
Tuition for Employees of In-District Companies If you are employed on a full-time basis by an in-district employer but live outside of our district, you may attend PSC at the lower in-district tuition rates. A signed affidavit from your employer is required. Contact Enrollment Services at (708) 709-3516 for more information.
Tuition for Veterans

If you do not qualify for VA benefits and are within 3 years of leaving the military, pay in-district tuition and fees.

Click here to view information for VA Benefits


Tuition Cost Comparison

Name of Institution 2021-22 Tuition and Fees
Prairie State College $5,568*
Western Illinois University (Macomb) $12,079**
Governors State University $12,616**
Eastern Illinois University $12,750**
Southern Illinois University Carbondale $15,240**
University of Illinois Chicago $15,538-$19,884**
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign $16,866-$21,960**
Columbia College Chicago $28,224-$28,756****
DePaul University $41,361-$42,651*****

* Based on 16 credit hours per semester Tuition differentials vary by academic program. Cost does not include room and board, meal plans or cost of living.

** per iacac.org/wp-content/uploads/1-Twelve-Reasons-Booklet-2021-FINAL.pdf

*** per colum.edu/columbia-central/where-tostart/cost-of-attendance/2021-22-undergrad


State tuition rates and fees courtesy of The Illinois Association for College Admission Counseling (in-state information only).