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Addressing the Board

Written or verbal comments from district residents are welcomed by the Board of Trustees.

Written communications should be sent to the Board in care of the President's Office, Prairie State College, 202 S. Halsted St., Chicago Heights, IL 60411 or by email to boardoftrustees@prairiestate.edu. All letters must be signed and include the legal address of the correspondent. Written communications are distributed to each individual trustees but not read aloud at the meetings.

As stated in Board Policy A-25 "The public shall be given an opportunity to address the Board of Trustees at any official Board meeting in regard to any item on the agenda during the "Oral/Written Public Communications" portion of the agenda. The time set aside to accommodate such public statements shall not exceed thirty (30) minutes unless extended by Board of Trustee action during a meeting."

Trustees ask that comments be in good taste and demonstrate consideration for others. Each speaker should limit their comments to three minutes. Those wishing to provide documents to the Board should provide ten copies to the Board Secretary. Board members generally do not engage in dialog with speakers.


For additional information see Requesting Board Minutes.