Funding Opportunities

Applying for a Grant:

  1. If you have an idea, but not a funder, contact the Manager of Grant Services (MGS), who can help you identify possibilities (extension 3548).
  2. If you have found a funder, contact the MGS, who will walk you through the process and provide assistance in completing the application. The grant department has access to data and documents that may be required for your proposal.
  3. You will be given a form to complete, which will be presented to Cabinet.
  4. The main contact for the grant should be the college President. If your grant requires a signature, send it to the MGS, who will obtain it from the President’s Office.
  5. Submit your completed grant application to the MGS at least four days before the deadline, so that it can be reviewed and submitted to the funder.

To ensure your grant will be considered for review

  • Use current and relevant data that demonstrates the need for your project.
  • Your project narrative must respond to the information required and requested. Do not deviate from what the funder is requesting. Use language the funder uses to signify that you understand their needs.
  • Follow the funder’s layout requirements (double spaced, font, table of content, etc.).
  • Adhere to the funders allotted number of pages.
  • If you are budgeting for full-time personnel, you need to include salary, PLUS the cost of benefits, such as health insurance premiums and SURS. Human Resources can assist with this.
  • Have someone with subject knowledge proofread your project proposal.
  • Your program design should address all issues you raised in the needs statement.
  • Outcomes/goals and objectives must be measurable and obtainable. How will you track and identify your success?

Accepting the Award:

  • The notification of grant award (or the opposite) will be sent to the President’s Office, who will notify the MGS, who will then notify you.
  • Meet with the MGS and the Grant Accountant (GA) to review the grant agreement and discuss reporting responsibilities.
  • If your grant requires a project manager (PM), hire that person ASAP (see “Hiring Employees” tab), who also needs to meet with the MGS and GA before administering any expenses.