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Public Relations and Marketing


The Public Relations and Marketing Department promotes the college and its students, faculty, and staff through comprehensive and coordinated public relations and marketing plans. The department creates a strong, positive, and consistent image for the college through its public relations and marketing that includes producing college publications, including credit and non-credit course schedules, viewbooks, and a wide variety of other marketing materials including brochures, flyers, and posters. Public Relations and Marketing also writes press releases and handles media relations and produces and places advertising in a variety of media.

Have an idea for a feature story? Please send story ideas to Andrea Small, public relations specialist.

Public Relations and Marketing Staff

Kristin Carrera, manager, marketing, (708) 709-3633
Andrea Small, manager, public relations, (708) 709-2948
Crystal Alston, public relations and marketing specialist, (708) 709-7801
Sarah Kubik, graphic designer, (708) 709-7897
Kimberly Pedersen, videographer and photographer, (708) 709-3563

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines provide tips, policies, and procedures for achieving a high quality and consistent look in Prairie State’s publications, advertising, and Web pages. Prairie State’s graphic standards include things like how to use the College logo, number of fonts per document, college colors, and common design features for webpages, flyers, posters, and ads.

These guidelines are also intended to assist PSC employees to effectively use social networking tools to advance the college’s mission and purpose, and to guide participation in these online conversations when employees are acting on behalf of the college. The same general principles that guide our messages and communications in traditional media should apply in the online social networking space. These guidelines were developed consistent with the college’s Board Policy C-21, Use of Information Resources including World Wide Web and Internet.

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