Study Abroad Austria

Program Description:

Salzburg College is a private college for English-speaking students located in the heart of the Old City in a 16th century townhouse. At the college, students attend classes taught in English by Austrian professors. Classes are small and allow for a close relationship with the instructor. The fields of study are:

  • German Language
  • History & European Studies
  • Music, Art & Photography
  • Outdoor Pursuits (hiking, biking, rafting & skiing)

The instruction in this program will entail classroom instruction as well as field trips and immersion experiences. Field Trips for the semester programs include:

  • 4 days of travel in Bavaria
  • 4 days in Vienna
  • Other visits to historic and artistic sites in Germany and Austria.

The summer program offers:

  • 4-day trip to Vienna
  • A variety of local field trips

Cultural events in Salzburg will include concerts, plays, and exhibitions. Optional trips to other locations in Eastern and Western Europe may be planned as well. With Austria being centrally located, there is easy access to many countries throughout Europe.

In order to enhance communication in the Austrian setting, all students participating in a semester program are required to take German instruction.
Program terms available: Fall, Spring, Summer.

Download brochure. (PDF)

Program Credits:

Students will receive up to 18 transferable college credits in the semester programs.
Required courses (semester programs):

  • Austrian Civilization (3)
  • Music History or Art History (3)
  • A German course at the appropriate level (3)

The student may then choose two or three additional courses from an approved list, primarily composed of humanities and social sciences courses. In the summer program, students are expected to enroll in two classes and will receive six (6) transferable college credits.

Program Requirements:

This program is open to serious students who have a strong interest in immersing themselves in Austrian culture and history.

All students are required to register for credit and participate in all classroom and program activities. All students will be required to have:

  • 2.75 or higher GPA, based on 12 or more credits of college study
  • Two faculty recommendations
  • English Composition I completed with a grade of C or better
  • Physician's approval to travel

No previous study of German is required.

Program Fee:

The program fee is: $12,283 (semester) and $4,907 (summer)  (subject to change).
The fee will cover:

  • Instructional costs
  • Housing and most meals in Salzburg (except during college break field trips)
  • Major field trips (two for the semester program, one for the summer program)
  • Some required cultural activities
  • HealthSelect Overseas Platinum insurance through HTH Worldwide

This fee does not cover:

  • Airfare
  • Passport/Visa
  • Some meals during German and Vienna field trip
  • Weekend meals with the student dorm housing option  
  • Personal expenses
  • Daily commuting expenses
  • Personal laundry fee
  • International Student ID card
  • Fees associated with certain courses
  • Tuition

Flight Details:

The necessary information will be given to the students in order for them to schedule their individual flights into Salzburg.


A current passport and visa are required for student in the semester program. For additional information on how to apply for a Visa, please review the Visa Requirements for Salzburg College.

Lodging and Meals:

Housing is provided in Austrian homes with local families or is a students dorm. Assignments to families will be based on personal interviews held during the week of coach travel in Germany that begins the program. Meals will be provided by the host family or in the dorm, except for lunch which will be taken at the college. Weekend meals or not provided in the student dorm.