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Financial Aid
Refund Disbursement Process

Refund Disbursement Process

Want your money sooner? Act NOW!


Register for classes and have your financial aid award letter as   soon as possible to ensure you have money available to pay   your college expenses. (You must submit all the necessary    documents and be sure to follow up on additional requests    from the Financial Aid Office in order to secure a timely  award letter).


Set up your refund preference at refundselection.com (This will   ensure you receive your refund as quickly as possible).
Note: If you have already set up an account, please log in at   refundselection.com and review your refund preference.

Summer 2017 Financial Aid Disbursement Schedule

Group If you are registered and have an award letter between:* Your refund will be received on:**
1 March 15 - May 21 June 1
2 May 22 - June 4 June 15
3 June 5 - June 18 June 29
4 June 19 - July 2 July 13
5 July 3 - July 16 July 27
6 July 17 - July 30 August 10
*PSC offers various courses that start at different times throughout the semester. If you are registered and were awarded financial aid, your aid will post to your account no more than 10 days before your classes are scheduled to begin.  
** A refund will be received if there are remaining funds after all institutional charges  (i.e. tuition, fees, books, etc.) have been paid.  After refunds are issued, dropping classes, being reported as not attending and officially/unofficially withdrawing can result in you owing funds back to the college.

QUESTIONS? For more information, visit prairiestate.edu/finaid or email financial-aid@prairiestate.edu.