SouthWorks MakerLab at Prairie State College Courses

Course Offerings in the Near Future

Make Stuff:

Endless possibilities can take place in a SouthWorks MakerLab at Prairie State College. If you know have an idea, but don’t know where to start, join us for this class. If you want to explore all the possibilities of what you can do in the SouthWorks MakerLab at Prairie State College, take this class. If you want to get your creative juices revved up, please join us.

3D Printing:

Learn how to navigate the world of 3D design for printing. Thanks to 3D printing, you can easily create a physical object from a computer model and then watch it print the three dimensional object. Many inventors and companies use them to create prototypes of products. This class will break down how to begin laying out your object, and building it up systematically. You also will learn how to import, prepare, and print your three-dimensional parts using our MakerBot Mini and Replicator 3D printers.  By the end of session, you will have all the information and knowledge necessary to use these machines for all your 3D printing needs. No experience necessary, come to class ready to take notes, learn a whole lot, and have fun. 

Arduino Basics:

Arduinos make things light up, flash and move by adding an electrical component to the things you make. Through hands-on exercises, this workshop will introduce you to the Arduino board hardware and software, showing you how to interface it to circuits that you build. The workshop includes an Arduino Uno board, prototyping board, cables, and all of the necessary electronics for you to keep. No previous electronics or programming experience is necessary.

Future courses:

Basic Electronics and Soldering
Electronics Measurement Devices
Arduino Basics
Raspberry Pi
CAD Basics/Autodesk

CAD Basics/ 123D
CNC Basics
Welding Basics
Stick Arc Welding Basics
MIG Welding/Plasma Cutting Basics
Metal Milling Operation
Metal Lathe Operation
CNC Milling Operations

CNC Lathe Operations
Vinyl CNC Cutting
Shop Bot CNC Milling
MIDI Lathe Operation
Metal Working Basics