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Health Promotion Programming

Health Promotion Programming

Health Promotions Programming

What We Do

Health Promotion Programming strives to create a campus culture in which members make informed and responsible decisions about personal and community health. It is our commitment to provide resources that will help students, staff, and the community develop life skills to assist them in making responsible choices about health-related behaviors.

This program coordinates initiatives, facilitates collaboration, and provides training, resources, and educational opportunities in the following areas:

  • access to health care services
  • alcohol and other drugs
  • nutrition and body image
  • mental health
  • relationship issues
  • sexual health
  • stress management

Services We Provide

Health Promotion Programming actively pursues ways of working with and for the students in order to promote healthy lifestyles on the PSC campus. Services we provide, but not limited to, are:

  • individual referrals to health care resources
  • limited individual counseling
  • organized group discussions on health issues
  • presentations and outreach tables on health topics
  • workshops and trainings about health-related issues
  • healthcare trainings (CPR, defibrillator, Heimlich Maneuver)

If you are interested in getting more information about these services, contact:
Carol Fawcett PTA, BS, MEd
Dean of Allied Health and Emergency Services
(708) 709-2947

Ways to get involved

Health Promotion Programming is always looking for Peer Educators who want to be proactive in helping the college become a healthier campus! Studies show that Peer Educators make a large impact on the health behaviors of their peers. All Peer Educators will go through a nationally-certified training program (that can be used on other college campuses), as well as enhance their skills in leadership, team-building and program planning. Interested students can contact Carol Fawcett PTA, BS, MEd at cfawcett@prairiestate.edu .