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Administrative Divisions

Administrative Divisions

Office of the President

Michael Anthony

President manthony@prairiestate.edu
Pat Trost Chief of Staff ptrost@prairiestate.edu 
Charmaine Sevier Executive Director, Human Resources csevier@prairiestate.edu
Anthony M. Martin, Sr. Chief of Police amartin@prairiestate.edu
Deborah Smith Havighorst Executive Director, Institutional Advancement and the PSC Foundation dhavighorst@prairiestate.edu

Academic Affairs

Elighie Wilson Vice President ewilson@prairiestate.edu
Annette Dolph Dean, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Academic Standards adolph@prairiestate.edu
Janice Kaushal Dean, Career and Technical Education jkaushal@prairiestate.edu 
Kim Marisa Kunce Dean, Adult Education and Literacy kkunce@prairiestate.edu 
Megan Hughes Dean, Allied Health and Emergency Services mhughes3585@prairiestate.edu
Open Position Dean, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences  
Alisha Clark Executive Director, Workforce Development and Community Education aclark1@prairiestate.edu

Finance and Administration

Thomas Saban Vice President  tsaban@prairiestate.edu
Cheri Taylor-Lawton Controller/Director, Business Services ctaylorlawton@prairiestate.edu
Greg Kain Executive Director, Information Technology Resources gkain@prairiestate.edu 
Timothy Kosiek Executive Director, Facilities and Operations tkosiek@prairiestate.edu 
(Contractual) Manager, College Bookstore  
(Contractual) Manager, Food Services  
(Contractual) College Custodial Services  

Student Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness

Jaime Miller

Interim Vice President jmmiller@prairiestate.edu

Tiffany Brewer

Dean, Equity and Inclusion tbrewer1@prairiestate.edu

Jan Bonavia

Director, Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, and Accreditation jbonavia@prairiestate.edu
Jamie M. Miller Dean, Enrollment Management jmmiller@prairiestate.edu 
Grace McGinnis Director, Financial Aid gmcginnis@prairiestate.edu 
Adane Gebeyaw Kassa Director,Institutional Research akassa@prairiestate.edu 
Chris Kuchta Director, Athletics ckuchta@prairiestate.edu
Felix Simpkins Dean, Student Development fsimpkins@prairiestate.edu