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Whistleblower Procedures

Whistleblower Procedures

Confidential Reporting of Unethical or Illegal Activity (G-42)

A. Purpose:

The purpose of this section is to describe the rules and procedures for recording and responding to confidential reports of perceived unethical or illegal activity, as required by Board Policy G-42, “Confidential Reporting of Unethical and Illegal Activity.”

B. Procedure:

  1. Employees, students, and the public-at-large may report any perceived unethical or illegal activity to a designated PSC senior administrator, Elighie Wilson, either in person through a dedicated phone line (708-709-7789), web site (www.prairiestate.edu/whistleblowing), and an email address confidentialreporting@prairiestate.edu. The report may be anonymous at the discretion of the complainant.
  2. The designated senior administrator (DSA) will maintain an electronic database of all reports. Each report received will be recorded in an electronic database or log book, including a thorough description of the incident. Each report will be assigned a unique case identifier and searchable keywords to facilitate tracking and collation of reports.
  3. The DSA will evaluate each report in a timely manner to determine whether further investigation is warranted. The DSA will undertake an investigation of the allegations. To the greatest extent possible, this investigation will be conducted so as to protect the confidentiality of both the accuser and the accused. Under no circumstances will the names of those alleged to have engaged in unethical or illegal activity be disclosed before completion of a thorough investigation. At the conclusion of the investigation, the names will be released only if the reported unethical or illegal activity is found to be supported by sufficient evidence to warrant legal or disciplinary action. The results of the evaluation will be submitted to the President. The evaluation must include a full description of the incident, a review of all the relevant facts considered, and a detailed explanation to support the resolution.
  4. The president shall notify the complainant if not anonymous.
  5. The DSA will submit a summary report of cases filed and dispositions to the President quarterly. The DSA may submit reports on investigations in progress to the President periodically, as deemed necessary by the DSA or requested by the President.
  6. If the unethical or illegal activity implicates the DSA, he/she would recuse himself/herself and the President shall appoint a temporary DSA for the particular case.
  7. If the unethical or illegal activity implicates the President, the DSA would inform the chair of the Board of Trustees.
  8. The President will submit to the Board of Trustees at least annually a report of complaints received and actions taken during the previous year.

Adoption Date: 8/16/22