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Authority of the Board of Trustees

A-1: Authority of the Board of Trustees

Adoption Date: 09/17/90  |  Revision Date: 02/16/98  |  Revision Date: 08/26/08  |  Revision Date: 04/24/18 | Review Date: 10/30/18

The Board of Trustees of Illinois Community College District No. 515 derives its authority from the Illinois Public Community College Act approved by the 74th Illinois General Assembly on July 15, 1965, and as subsequently amended by P.A. 78-669, 2, effective October 1, 1973.

The board of each community college district is a body politic and corporate including the "Board of Community College District No. 515, Counties of Cook and Will and State of Illinois," and by that name may sue and be sued in all courts and places where judicial proceedings are had (110 ILCS 805/3-1 of the Illinois Public Community College Act).

Trustees have authority only when acting as the Board of Trustees legally in session.  The Board of Trustees will not be bound in any way by any action or by any statement on the part of any individual trustee or employee, except when such statement or action is in pursuance of specific instructions approved by the Board of Trustees.