A-11: Board Organization

Adoption Date: 01/22/92 |  Revision Date: 12/20/04 | Revision Date: 08/26/08 | Revision Date: 04/24/18

Following each election and canvass, on or before the first Monday of May, the Board of Trustees shall meet to organize by electing its officers and by fixing a date, time and place for the regular meetings. The Board of Trustees shall then enter upon the discharge of its duties.

The Board of Trustees will organize by electing one of its members as Chair of the Board, one of its members as Vice-Chair, and one of its members as Secretary.

In addition, the Board shall appoint a Recorder and a Treasurer who shall not be Board members (Illinois Public Community College Act Sections 3-8 and 3-18, 110 ILCS 805/3-8 and -3/-18).

Within five working days after the organizational meeting, the Chair shall, in compliance with Section 1501.202 of the Administrative Rules of the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB), certify in writing to the ICCB that the Board of Trustees has been organized. The officers and the names of all members of the Board of Trustees shall be also posted and communicated to the public, with a press release an adjudicated newspaper, and to the Illinois Community College Trustees Association, following the annual organizational meeting.