A-23: Board Quorum/Voting

Adoption Date: 01/22/92 |  Revision Date: 03/16/98 | Revision Date: 08/26/08

Board Quorum

Unless otherwise prescribed by law, a majority of full voting membership of the Board of Trustees shall constitute a quorum.

Board Voting

Unless otherwise prescribed by law, when a vote is taken upon any measure before the Board, a quorum being present, a majority of the votes of the members voting on the measure, excluding the Student Trustee’s advisory vote, shall determine the outcome thereof (805/3-9, Illinois Public Community College Act).

All votes in connection with contracts and expenditures of funds shall be by roll call vote. The "Ayes" and "Nays" shall be recorded as a part of the minutes according to how each trustee votes. Votes on all other items may be made by voice rather than roll call, unless requested by one or more Trustees.

An advisory, non-binding vote by the Student Trustee shall be listed as part of the roll call votes of the Board members.

An exception shall be made for Board Policies A-4 (Board Member Code of Ethics) and A-32 (Board Member Conflict of Interest and Impropriety) to the majority vote provision, such that a two-thirds majority vote shall be required to amend or rescind.