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Duties / Responsibilities of the Board of Trustees

A-3: Duties / Responsibilities of the Board of Trustees

Adoption Date: 09/17/90  |  Revision Date: 03/16/98  |  Revision Date: 08/26/08  |  Revision Date: 09/27/11 | Review Date: 10/30/18

The Board of Trustees shall:

  1. Represent the community’s service needs, interests and aspirations for the College and advocate the College to the community, building public trust, appreciation, and confidence;
  2. Set the College’s policies which provide rules and direction for the development and operation of educational and support programs and ensure the organization is run effectively, legally, and ethically;
  3. Select, appoint, and evaluate the President of the College and delegate authority to him/her for administration of College policies;
  4. Appoint personnel as may be needed, establish policies governing their employment and dismissal, and determine the amount of their salaries/compensation. The Board shall comply with all laws and affirmative action requirements promoting equal employment opportunities in employment and in the establishment of policies and compensation.
  5. Provide for strategic direction of the College, and review and evaluate the College’s operation to ensure that operations are consistent with Board said policies and that progress toward educational and fiscal goals is assessed;
  6. Approve the annual budget, publish a financial statement, and provide for the revenues necessary to support the mission and maintain the programs of the College;
  7. Approve the expenditure of funds to ensure that monies spent produce maximum benefits;
  8. Approve bid specifications for bidding on items exceeding $10,000 in value except as otherwise required by law;
  9. Appoint or dismiss employees upon the recommendation of the President in accordance with appropriate affirmative action policies and College policies and procedures;
  10. Act upon recommendations of the President on matters regarding site utilization, physical plant development, and repair and maintenance of the building, grounds, and equipment;
  11. Act upon recommendations of the President on matters of capital outlay with reference to buildings, major improvements, and equipment;
  12. Require and consider reports from the President concerning the programs and conditions of the College;
  13. Act upon recommendations of the President regarding the curricular offerings of the College;
  14. Act upon recommendation of the President on the annual academic calendar;
  15. Act upon the recommendations of the President in all matters of policy pertaining to the welfare of the College;
  16. Provide for the establishment of proper accounting of all receipts and disbursements of College funds, student funds, and all other funds under the supervision of the College;
  17. Provide for an annual audit of all funds handled under the supervision of the College;
  18. Develop and maintain communication channels of procedures which provide for and encourage the free flow of information between all constituents of the College (Board, administration, faculty, staff, students, community citizens, etc.);
  19. Establish general citizen advisory committees as needed;
  20. In appropriate cases and at its discretion, serve as an impartial court of final appeal for students, faculty, support staff, administrators, and citizens of Illinois Community College District No. 515 in any district matter;
  21. Protect and encourage the search for the dissemination of truth so that employees may recognize personal obligations in these matters;
  22. Perform such other duties as may be adopted by, or lawfully imposed upon, the Board and as contained in the Illinois Public Community College Act; and,
  23. Submit to the Board Secretary by May 1 of each year evidence that a required ethics statement has been filed with the appropriate County Clerk.