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Orientation of New Board Members

A-8: Orientation of New Board Members

Adoption Date: 07/20/92 |  Revision Date: 02/16/08 | Revision Date: 08/26/08

Within one (1) month after election or appointment, each new member of the Board of Trustees shall be supplied by the College President with background materials for the current and the preceding years.

These materials normally shall include a copy of: 

  1. Board Policy Manual;
  2. Administrative Rules and Procedures Manual;
  3. Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Plan;
  4. Collective bargaining agreements;
  5. College Catalog, Student Handbook, and Class Schedules;
  6. Minutes of Board Meetings (last six months); and
  7. Illinois Public Community College Act.

In addition, the new Board member(s) will receive a copy of other appropriate College documents and resources (e.g., budget, financial audits, organizational charts, position descriptions, strategic plans, and facility plans) as well as other items the Board Chair and/or the College President deem necessary and appropriate.

Within the first month after election or appointment, each new member of the Board will have a tour of the College campus and will meet with the President, executive officers, and other individuals within the College as arranged by the President and as may be desired by the Board member and in consultation with the Board Chair.

To further assist in the orientation process, a Board Workshop shall be held as soon as is feasible following the election; periodic Board retreats shall allow for the exchange of information and discussion of selected topics.

Upon notification of the new Board member(s), the Illinois Community College Trustees Association sends orientation materials directly to the new Board member(s). This state association offers a "New Trustees' Workshop" as part of its January meeting, and new Trustee(s) shall be encouraged to participate.