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Public Notice of Board Meetings

A-17: Public Notice of Board Meetings

Adoption Date: 09/18/90 |  Revision Date: 02/16/98 | Revision Date: 08/26/08

The Recorder of the Board of Trustees shall give public notice of the schedule of regular meetings at the organizational meeting for the following year and shall state the regular dates, times, and places of such meetings.

Public notice of any special meeting, or of any rescheduled regular meeting, or of any reconvened meeting shall be given at least fortyeight (48) hours before such meeting. However, this requirement of public notice of reconvened meetings does not apply to any case where the meeting is to be reconvened within twenty-four (24) hours, nor to any case where announcement of the time and place of the reconvened meeting was made at the original meeting and there is no change in the agenda.

Public notice shall be given by posting a copy of the notice on public display outside the Board Room of Prairie State College or at the building in which the meeting is to be held if it is not to be held in the Board Room.

The Board shall supply copies of the notice of its regular meetings and of the notice of any special, rescheduled, or reconvened meetings to any local newspaper of general circulation or any local radio or television station that has filed an annual request for such notice. Any such news medium shall also be given the same notice of all special, rescheduled, or reconvened meetings in the same manner as is given to members of the Board provided such news medium has given Prairie State College an address within the territorial jurisdiction of District No. 515 at which such notice may be given (120/2-02, Illinois Public Community College Act).