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Public Participation at Board Meetings

A-25: Public Participation at Board Meetings

Adoption Date: 01/22/92 |  Revision Date: 02/16/98 | Review Date: 08/26/08 | Review Date: 12/04/18

The public shall be given an opportunity to address the Board of Trustees at any official Board meeting in regard to any item on the agenda during the "Oral/Written Public Communications" portion of the agenda. The time set aside to accommodate such public statements shall not exceed thirty (30) minutes unless extended by Board action during a meeting.

A student or an employee of the College shall be considered a member of the public if he/she so desires to personally address the Board as part of “Oral/Written Public Communications.”

Any request from the public for consideration of a special topic at a regular or special Board meeting must be received by the College President at least four (4) working days before the meeting.

The Board does not obligate itself to receive or act upon public comments or new items, not on the agenda, introduced at a Board meeting.

Subject to Board discretion, the Board Chair may limit the business to come before the Board to only those items which have been placed on the agenda for the meeting.