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Public's Right to Record Open Board Meetings

A-19: Public's Right to Record Open Board Meetings

Adoption Date: 09/17/90 |  Revision Date: 02/16/98 | Revision Date: 08/26/08

In accordance with the Open Meetings Act (as amended), any person may record the proceeding of meetings which are required to be open by the Act (Chapter 120, Section 2.05, Illinois Public Community College Act).

The Board of Trustees shall prescribe reasonable rules/procedures for the making of recordings by tape, film, or other means in a manner which is open, unobtrusive, and non-disruptive to the proceedings. Said rules/procedures include:

  1. Persons are requested to contact the President’s Office (Board Recorder) prior to the meeting to indicate their intention to record and the medium to be used; and
  2. Persons are requested to set up their equipment in a manner that is the least disruptive to the process and conduct of the meeting.