A-7: Student Trustee

Adoption Date: 07/20/92 |  Revision Date: 02/16/08 | Revision Date: 08/26/08 | Review Date: 10/30/18

The selection of the Student Trustee shall be held every year at the time and in the manner provided in Chapter 110, Section 805/3-7.24 of the Illinois Public Community College Act. The Secretary of the Board of Trustees (or designee), the College President's designee, and a Student Government Association appointee shall form an election committee which shall conduct the election.

As per the Community College Act, the Student Trustee shall serve a term of one (1) year beginning on April 15 of each year.

To be eligible to serve as Student Trustee, a student must possess the following qualifications on the date of filing for candidacy, on the date of election, and during the term of office:

  1. Be a registered student at Prairie State College during the current fall and spring semesters (Evidence of such registration must be placed on file with the Board Secretary by the tenth day of each semester.);
  2. Reside in the Prairie State College district;
  3. Be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) credit hours in courses of university transfer or career education college credit;
  4. Have at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average; and
  5. No overdue financial obligations to the College.
  6. May not possess 60 credit hours or more, or have graduated from Prairie State College.
  7. May not be concurrently enrolled in high school and Prairie State College.

A student who has completed an associate degree at Prairie State College shall not be eligible to serve as Student Trustee. Prairie State College employees scheduled to work twenty (20) hours or more per week shall not be eligible to serve as Student Trustee.

Whenever a vacancy occurs for an unexpired term, the College President's designee shall call for a special election by Student Government to take place within thirty (30) days. By this process, the Student Government shall select a Student Trustee for appointment by the Board of Trustees to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the unexpired term.

A Student Trustee shall be limited to one (1) one-year term and may not be re-elected. However, a student who serves as Student Trustee for the remainder of the unexpired term of less than seven (7) months, as per the above provisions, shall be eligible to be elected to serve as Student Trustee for a full one (1) year term.

A term may be extended beyond the end of the one-year term in the event that the student election of the Student Trustee is not held and concluded by the appropriate time designated.

As per the Community College Act, the Student Trustee shall have all of the privileges of membership, including the right to make and second motions and to attend executive sessions, other than the right to vote.

A student advisory, non-binding vote by the Student Trustee shall be listed as part of the roll call votes of the Board members.

The Student Trustee shall submit to the Board Secretary by May 1 of each year evidence that an ethics statement has been filed (as required by law) with the appropriate County Clerk.