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Section B
Appointment of College President and Responsibilities of Position

B-1: Appointment of College President and Responsibilities of Position

Adoption Date: 06/15/92  |  Revision Date: 05/15/98  |  Review Date: 08/26/08 | Review Date: 10/30/18


The Board of Trustees shall appoint the President of the College who shall serve as its Chief Executive Officer. The President's conditions of employment shall be under whatever terms are mutually-agreed upon at the time of employment and as modified through subsequent contracts and agreements.

The College President shall be the Chief Executive officer of Prairie State College and shall be directly responsible to the Board of Trustees for the total operation and administration of the College. The President shall provide overall leadership to ensure that maximum support for teaching, learning, and unity of effort is provided by all personnel. The President shall be supported in this role of institutional leadership by delegated authority from the Board of Trustees.

The President shall be expected to administer the affairs of the College in accordance with the provisions of the laws of the State of Illinois, the standards of the Illinois Public Community College Act, and the policies of the Board of Trustees. Responsibilities

  1. Board of Trustees
    1. Prepare agendas for Board of Trustees' meetings and attend meetings of the Board of Trustees;
    2. Serve as the liaison between the Board of Trustees and all employees and students of the College;
    3. Prepare and recommend policies for action by the Board of Trustees and initiate periodic reviews of the relevancy/appropriateness of Board policies;
    4. Interpret and execute Board policy, develop and administer procedures, and provide overall supervision for the implementation and adherence of policies;
    5. Report to the Board of Trustees on accomplishments, conditions, and needs of the College and on statutory duties requiring actions; and
    6. Carry out actions and requests of the Board of Trustees and serve as ex-officio member of all Board committees.
  2. Finance, Human and Physical Resources
    1. Prepare and submit an annual budget to the Board of Trustees for approval;
    2. Assure full and proper adherence to fiscal responsibilities by College personnel;
    3. Recommend appointment, issuance of contracts, and suspension and dismissal of administrative employees and faculty for Board of Trustees' action;
    4. Administer the appointment, dismissal, and disciplinary actions for support staff and adjunct faculty;
    5. Recommend conditions of employment, wages and benefits, and other human resources matters for Board of Trustees’ actions;
    6. Recommend continued employment of, and tenure for, faculty for Board of Trustees' action;
    7. Maintain position descriptions for all administrative employees, faculty, and staff positions;
    8. Act for the Board of Trustees as custodian of all College properties and direct a program to meet the College's facility resource needs; and
    9. Advance the Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity policies and ensure that all employees pursue the goals of the Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Plan.
  3. Programs and Services
    1. Determine the educational needs and interests of the district and develop responsive programs and services;
    2. Provide for the review and evaluation of College programs and services and recommend changes to improve the College's offerings;
    3. Recommend suspensions or expulsions of students;
    4. Provide leadership for the educational, student, financial, and organizational development of the College and the attainment of institutional goals;
    5. Provide vision and encourage and inspire excellence among students and College personnel; and
    6. Prepare and submit an academic calendar to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  4. Community and External Relations
    1. Represent the College in relationships with district, state, and federal agencies;
    2. Maintain communications with, and assure completion of, all records for state and federal agencies;
    3. Advance the purposes and goals of the community college and of Prairie State College within the College and to the external communities and public served;
    4. Participate, on behalf of the College, in the affairs of the district and for the overall development of the community;
    5. Work cooperatively with school districts, community colleges, universities, and other agencies to advance educational opportunities for residents of the district and the state;
    6. Develop alternative resources through active participation in the affairs of the Prairie State Foundation and as a member of the Foundation Board of Directors;
    7. Advocate the contributions of the College to the community, influence a positive attitude of the College's public, and maintain the good will of the various constituencies in the district; and
    8. Maintain a high degree of professionalism and ethical conduct, implementing sound and just practices, and promoting employee and student morale.