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Clean-Air/Smoke-Free Environment

C-11: Clean-Air/Smoke-Free Environment

Adoption Date: 11/18/91  |  Revision Date: 05/18/98  |  Revision Date: 02/26/08  |  Revision Date: 05/26/15

Prairie State College shall contribute to a healthy environment for its students, employees, and the public by fully complying with, or exceeding, the Smoke Free Campus Act, effective July 1, 2015.

To eliminate air contamination and the harmful effects and unsanitary conditions caused by smoking and smokeless tobacco products, the College shall establish and maintain a “Clean-Air/Smoke-Free” environment and shall be 100% tobacco free prohibiting the use of traditional cigarettes, pipes, electronic or “e” cigarettes, spit tobacco, snus, other “smokeless” products and hookahs from all college buildings, on college grounds and in college vehicles. Use of tobacco-related products in personal vehicles is permitted.

Open flames create a serious fire and personal injury hazard. This policy restricts the use of open flame sources in College facilities.

  1. The use of candles and the burning of incense in Prairie State College facilities, including all offices, classrooms and public assembly areas, is prohibited.
  2. The use of open flame sources for instructional purposes – e.g., Bunsen burners or torches for welding or soldering – is permitted in laboratories and other instructional spaces where appropriate safety precautions have been implemented.
  3. Open flame food warming sources used by personnel of the Pioneer Café must be placed on a non-combustible surface.

Persons in violation of this policy shall be subject to the appropriate disciplinary policies relating to employees, students, and visitors.

Primary enforcement shall be the responsibility of the Office of Police and Campus Safety.

Further, the College shall offer tobacco-use cessation assistance to its employees and students through appropriate programs and services. Visitors to the campus or at College-sponsored events shall be expected to observe the guidelines outlined by the Board of Trustees in the Board policy addressing student conduct and, by their attendance, imply consent to do so. Violations of policy may result in directions to leave the campus or event and loss of future privileges; violations of law are subject to civil and/or criminal penalties.