C-7 : College Health and Wellness

Adoption Date: 07/20/92  |  Revision Date: 05/18/98  |  Revision Date: 08/26/08

With a commitment to provide optimal educational and work environments, Prairie State College shall provide services and activities which increase awareness and promote sound health and wellness practices among the service community.

Such services and activities may include the following:

  1. A wellness committee, composed of broad constituency representation, to review, recommend, and evaluate the College's physical/social environment and procedures in relation to their potential health-risk factors (e.g., asbestos, smoking, alcohol abuse, drugs, steroids, air/ventilation, lighting, noise, infectious disease, personal/institutional hygiene).
  2. Educational opportunities through seminars, workshops, and brochures developed and implemented by the wellness committee, Student Affairs, and/or appropriate instructional areas. These opportunities will focus on the nature, dangers, prevention, and recovery variables and institutional policy regarding healthy lifestyles.
  3. Identifying and securing appropriate external resources such as medical personnel, local health department authorities, legal counsel, and food service personnel to serve as consultants as appropriate.
  4. Implementation of professional association guidelines and standards of safety and hygiene as such are available and determined to be appropriate. As with all matters pertaining to particular content specialties, the College expects that its faculty and staff are current, well-informed, and professionally accountable in performing their duties in accord with applicable guidelines and standards.