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College Mission, Values, Vision and Philosophy

C-1 : College Mission, Values, Vision and Philosophy

Adoption Date: 07/20/92  |  Revision Date: 06/29/98  |  Revision Date: 12/20/05  |  Revision Date: 03/25/14  |  Revision Date: 04/24/18

As a publicly-supported, comprehensive community college of Illinois governed by a local Board of Trustees and mandated to promote and provide educational opportunities to meet the particular educational needs of its district residents, Prairie State College provides the following:

  1. University-Parallel Education: Programs and course work for the freshman and sophomore years of an undergraduate education for students who plan to continue studies toward the baccalaureate or pursue general studies in the liberal arts and sciences;
  2. College-Level Technical, Occupational, and Vocational Education: Programs and course work for students who plan to prepare for entry into employment or upgrade their career, professional skills, and work performance;
  3. Adult Basic and General Education: Courses and services for adults who desire to complete a high school equivalency examination or to improve their adult basic education and literacy skills;
  4. Community Educational Services: Courses and services of College credit and non-credit for district residents who desire to expand their learning experiences;
  5. Developmental Education Studies: Courses and services for students who are in need of further development of academic and basic skills preparation for acceptance into a curriculum and to succeed in College programs;
  6. Special Training and Economic Development Education: Courses and services of a specific nature where employment opportunities are available and in cooperation with employers and economic development agencies; and
  7. Community Development: Activities, services, and special projects in response to cultural and educational needs and interests and for the expansion, enrichment, and development of the communities served.

Mission Statement

Prairie State College fosters collaborative relationships that empower students to achieve their education and career goals. The College embraces its diversity, nurtures life-long learning, and supports community and economic development.


Learning, Excellence, Accessibility, Respect, Integrity

Vision Statement

Prairie State College will offer rigorous academic programs, meet the needs of the local workforce, cultivate the values of sustainability, and demonstrate an awareness of its responsibilities in a global society.

Diversity Statement

Prairie State College recognizes the diversity of students, faculty, staff and community as an integral part of life long learning. We are committed to building and maintaining an inclusive, accessible and supportive environment on campus. The college embraces the diversity of individual beliefs and opinions, and supports diversity in religion, gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, age and socioeconomic status. The college will adhere to policies and procedures which discourage harassment and other behaviors that infringe upon the freedom and respect every individual deserves.

College Philosophy

To best serve the district residents, Prairie State College is committed to: (1) providing a broad range of high-quality educational opportunities and support services matched to local educational needs and interests; and to (2) helping individuals develop by providing an environment dedicated to learning.  The College believes in the worth and dignity of each individual and the importance of education in a democratic society. 

Thereupon, Prairie State College focuses on excellence in the educational environment through:

  1. Academic Content:Prairie State College monitors program content to respond to the results of our college-wide assessment of student learning; to ensure continuing relevance to pre-baccalaureate transfer and emerging occupations; to integrate the basic skills and advanced training components of programs; to actively support the development of excellent teaching skills among faculty; and to provide for the freedoms of teaching, learning, and inquiry.
  2. Student Educational and Personal Development: Prairie State College promotes student development by assisting students in exploring life and career goals; providing support for students with special needs such as single parents, returning adults, qualified disabled students, unemployed, economically-disadvantaged and educationally-disadvantaged; and maximizing opportunities for student involvement in campus and community life.
  3. Student Access: Prairie State College improves student access by extending programs and services into the community at locations convenient to district residents; working regionally to provide comprehensive training programs; and providing a variety of delivery methods and times for courses.
  4. Organization and Administration: Prairie State College strengthens its internal organization through strategic and operational planning, programs for personal and professional development, and visible and positive executive leadership.