C-22: Conference Center

Adoption Date: 08/18/97  |  Revision Date: 01/21/03  |  Revision Date: 06/25/13

The Board of Trustees does hereby recognize the following Mission Statement for the Conference Center:

Mission Statement

  • The Conference Center of Prairie State College serves the educational, civic, business, and community needs of Community College District 515 and the Chicago Southland. Planned and designed as an educational facility, the Conference Center seeks to host a wide range of programs, activities, and events for the benefit and enrichment of our student population and the community.
  • The Conference Center shall be dedicated primarily to the processes of teaching and learning. Use of the Conference Center for performing arts and other cultural or special use events is permitted, but such use may be encouraged only to the extent that the intended use does not interfere with the primary use as a teaching/learning facility.
  • The Conference Center is a place where people gather to explore issues, discuss events, learn from each other, and increase understandings of the world.

Use of the Facility

The Conference Center shall be operated as a revenue producing cost center. All scheduling for use of the Conference Center facility will be done by an official(s) designated by the President in adherence with this Mission Statement. The College reserves the right of refusal pursuant to reasonable time, place and manner restrictions, and to reschedule and set priorities for use of the facility.

Public use of the Conference Center is governed by Prairie State College Board Policy B-10, Public Use of College Facilities.

The President shall be responsible for the development of related administrative rules and procedures, which shall be made available to persons or groups requesting use.