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Crime Awareness and Campus Safety and Security

C-19: Crime Awareness and Campus Safety and Security

Adoption Date: 11/16/92  |  Revision Date: 06/29/98

Campus Safety and Security

*Prairie State College shall protect and secure College property, facilities, employees, students and the public through establishing essential security and safety programs and provisions.

These efforts shall be designed to work cooperatively with employees, students, and the public, to interface with law enforcement and other public agencies, and to assure adherence to all Board of Trustees’ policies and to all other applicable statutes and regulations. Primary emphasis shall be upon problem-solving, respect for the dignity and worth of all people, positive intervention and collaborative solutions, and protection of Constitutional rights. The primary focus shall be enforcement of conduct codes through socialization into the College’s norms and expectations for campus life.

In efforts to assure a safe and secure environment, “community” shall be considered not only as the service district but also as the climate and condition to be created on and within the campus. Every effort shall be made by those assigned to uphold exemplary standards of professional conduct and ethics in the performance of duties.

Crime Awareness and Reporting

In compliance with the Federal Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990, Prairie State College shall develop programs to enhance campus security and crime awareness and shall publish and distribute procedures which appropriately address crime awareness and campus safety and security.

Procedures shall be issued to include:

  1. Reporting of criminal activities;
  2. Security and access to campus facilities;
  3. Availability and authority of Campus and Public Safety personnel;
  4. Availability of informational programs on campus safety and crime prevention;
  5. Recording of crime through local police and state agencies; and
  6. Possession, use, and sale of alcohol and drugs.

The College shall prepare, publish, and distribute statistical reports that identify the occurrence of campus crime and the number of related arrests consistent with the Act requirements. These procedures and statistical reports shall be published and made available to students and employees, as well as prospective students and the higher education community, upon request.