E-9: Global Education

Adoption Date: 05/16/94  |  Revision Date: 05/18/98  |  Review Date: 08/26/08 | Revision Date: 12/04/18


Prairie State College shall be committed to provide students opportunities to understand globalization and its complexity, recognize the way in which global and local needs are intertwined, and to have the skills and capacity to collaborate across all lines of difference.

Students will recognize 21st century education as relevant to the international workforce and global marketplace. Students will the opportunity to engage in learning that provides a world view for an intercultural information community.

The Board of Trustees encourages recruitment of international students to demonstrate the commitment to extend educational experiences beyond conventional borders and to provide students with enrichment opportunities gained from interacting with students from other countries and cultures.

The faculty and staff are encouraged to develop curriculum that is responsive to the innumerable interconnections of economic, cultural, technological, and political concepts that link the local, national, and global communities. The administration of the College should be encouraged to participate in such cooperative and consortium ventures which further the pursuit of global education.

The Board shall be advised of all expenditures for the recruitment and admission of international students.

Upon recommendation of the College President, the Board shall approve all reimbursements to faculty and staff involving international development when conducted in conjunction with personal travel.