E-9: Global Education

Adoption Date: 05/16/94  |  Revision Date: 05/18/98  |  Revision Date: 08/26/08


Prairie State College shall be committed to develop and provide programs, courses, and services which further and advance global education. Such educational opportunities shall be in order to promote increased understandings of the growing interdependence of countries and nations; provide deeper knowledge of other peoples and cultures; establish greater respect for and insight into foreign societies and international issues; prepare for an international workforce and global marketplace; and provide our student body with enrichment opportunities gained from meeting, socializing and exchanging ideas with students recruited from other countries and cultures.

The Board of Trustees believes that increased world interdependence has heightened the challenge for the community college to provide for a world view and for an interculturally informed community. An educated citizen must be capable of making decisions based upon an understanding of world affairs and conditions. This challenge can best be accomplished by exposing the community and the students of the district to course materials of a global nature and by improving the multi-cultural dimension of programs, courses, and services. The Board affirms that community college students need to have the opportunity to participate in meaningful and structured learning exposures to other societies and cultures and to be prepared to work in an international economic environment.

The Board of Trustees also affirms that the emphasis upon global education can provide a recognized vehicle for Prairie State College to enhance its education and curriculum, and to demonstrate, especially through collaborative efforts with other institutions and agencies, a societal and worldly concern and affinity. The particular characteristics of the College's service district and the concentrated local multinational and international trade and commerce environment of the Chicago Southland, further constitute the need for a significant and substantial focus upon global educational opportunities.

The Board of Trustees encourages the active recruitment of international students in order to provide broadening educational experiences to all students, faculty and staff and to demonstrate Prairie State College’s willingness to extend educational opportunities beyond conventional borders.

Educational Opportunities

Pursuant to this philosophy regarding global education, the Board of Trustees authorizes the President to establish educational opportunities which may include:

  1. Course materials of a global nature and content within the curriculum, including foreign arts and cultures;
  2. Courses which concentrate upon distinctive aspects of international trade, business, economics and other disciplines and areas of study and training;
  3. Courses of foreign language education and of English as a Second Language;
  4. Foreign study and international location courses and internships for students in other countries and cultures;
  5. Active marketing to, and recruitment of, international students;
  6. Community-oriented service and local development activities focused upon advancement of a global society and international economic development;
  7. Educational services in vocational and technical training which concentrate upon cooperative specialty instruction for identified countries;
  8. Public service activities focused upon opportunities for study/travel to other countries and cultures;
  9. ducational activities for the College's faculty and staff, including opportunities for foreign study, exchange and travel;
  10. Special support services for students from foreign countries who enroll at the College and who seek particular technical training; and
  11. Specially funded and sponsored outreach programs and services related to educational enrichment for the College and its faculty and staff.

The faculty and staff of Prairie State College shall be encouraged to develop educational and support programs, courses, and services which are responsive to these identified areas and which further advance global education. The administration of the College should be encouraged to participate in such cooperative and consortium ventures which further the pursuit of global education philosophy.

The Board shall be advised of all expenditures for the recruitment and admission of international students.

Upon recommendation of the College President, the Board shall approve all reimbursements to faculty and staff involving international development when conducted in conjunction with personal travel.

The President shall be responsible for causing strategic plans and administrative procedures to be developed for the implementation of this Board Policy, and for integrating global education into the institutional purposes and plans. The President shall provide for the preparation and submission to the Board of Trustees of an annual report which identifies the efforts of the College to be responsive to this Board Policy.