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Guarantee of Education Effectiveness

E-8: Guarantee of Education Effectiveness

Adoption Date: 03/16/92  |  Revision Date: 06/29/98  |  Revision Date: 09/23/08

Prairie State College, as an expression of confidence in the faculty and staff and as a commitment to its students, shall guarantee to the public the educational effectiveness of both its transfer and technical programs and instruction.

The guarantee(s) shall occur as follows:

  1. Prairie State College shall guarantee the transferability of prebaccalaureate (university-parallel), Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) approved credit courses to senior Illinois colleges and universities for each student who completes the Associate in Arts degree or the Associate in Science degree. If such appropriately-approved courses and credits do not fully transfer, the College shall refund to the degree completion student the tuition paid of the non-transferring course credits.

    Moreover, with students who complete the entire Prairie State College General Education Core Curriculum (37-41 credit hours of specified courses), the College shall also guarantee the transferability of that curriculum in fulfillment of lower division general education requirements at all participating institutions in the Illinois Articulation Initiative. Should an approved course within the completed General Education Core Curriculum not transfer for fulfillment of general education requirements, the College shall refund tuition paid for the non-transferable course credits.
  2. Prairie State College shall guarantee the technical competence needed for entry into the technical employment position for each student who completes the appropriate Associate in Applied Science degree or certificate. An Associate in Applied Science degree or certificate completion student who is judged by his/her employer to be lacking in the technical skills necessary for entry to the position shall be provided up to twelve (12) tuition-free credit hours of additional skill training in the program completed by the graduate.

    Moreover, Prairie State College shall guarantee student readiness to pass the appropriate state board licensure examinations in dental hygiene or nursing. Should a graduate of these programs not pass the state board examination in the first attempt, the College will provide, at no cost, remediation, review or counseling to assist students to address specific needs and prepare to take a subsequent examination.

The College President shall be authorized to establish administrative rules and procedures under which these guarantees shall apply.